Jagmeet Singh Says He Would Give Every Province A Veto Over National Infrastructure

That would decimate the Canadian Energy Industry.

Jagmeet Singh has proposed that every province should get a veto over any National Infrastructure project.

For example, that would mean that a nationwide pipeline could be rejected by Quebec politicians, even if the federal government approved it.

Not only would that make any nationwide pipeline project impossible, but it would devastate the energy sector because investment would flee the country even faster than it already has.

Who would invest in a country that couldn’t even build national infrastructure – which is one of the few things a national government is supposed to control?

Singh made the comments in relation to his policy platform for Quebec, which has promised that Quebec would be able to block any project that was partially built in the province.

By contrast, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has promised a national infrastructure corridor, that would make it possible for the federal government to build pipelines nationwide, even if some politicians in provinces opposed it.

It must be noted that the federal government has the legal and constitutional authority to build national infrastructure programs. After all, without national infrastructure, a country isn’t really a country.

That’s why Jagmeet Singh’s proposal is so reckless and dangerous.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter