Jagmeet Singh Says He Would Give Every Province A Veto Over National Infrastructure

That would decimate the Canadian Energy Industry.

Jagmeet Singh has proposed that every province should get a veto over any National Infrastructure project.

For example, that would mean that a nationwide pipeline could be rejected by Quebec politicians, even if the federal government approved it.

Not only would that make any nationwide pipeline project impossible, but it would devastate the energy sector because investment would flee the country even faster than it already has.

Who would invest in a country that couldn’t even build national infrastructure – which is one of the few things a national government is supposed to control?

Singh made the comments in relation to his policy platform for Quebec, which has promised that Quebec would be able to block any project that was partially built in the province.

By contrast, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has promised a national infrastructure corridor, that would make it possible for the federal government to build pipelines nationwide, even if some politicians in provinces opposed it.

It must be noted that the federal government has the legal and constitutional authority to build national infrastructure programs. After all, without national infrastructure, a country isn’t really a country.

That’s why Jagmeet Singh’s proposal is so reckless and dangerous.

Spencer Fernando

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Now Defunct Party.

How much worse can they campaign?


Jagmeet is just another Trudeau


The scariest outcome on October 21st would be a minority for either the Liberals or Conservatives. The Conservatives would lose a non confidence motion, followed by the Liberals being propped up by the NDP and Greens. The latter two party’s agendas are even scarier than the Liberals, and they would have a BIG say in what laws are passed. Both Singh and May are proposing things that are absolute madness, and could become a reality in a minority government. I fear we are near a tipping point, not only in this country but elsewhere. Climate change cultists could soon be… Read more »


You are so right, Making all drugs illegal and letting 16 years olds vote. It shows the complete disregard they have for law & order. (Jagmeet’s brother is a good example, with his sign denigrating the police) Also a child’s brain is not fully formed until they are 25, let alone the issue of giving a child more responsibility than they are able to deal with. They, 16 year olds have no understanding fo the financial repercussions of what they would be voting on. But then again neither do the NDP, the greens or the liberals.


Although NDP/Lieberal/Green Parties platforms are very similar (like one upmanship) and I don’t care for how radical and without common sense or realistic thought and forced big spending and more debt and being controlled by this propaganda forced on Canadians and the falsehoods in them. The bought out lefty media, kept saying Singh was a very intelligent and sharp man, but we did not know him yet, after the first debate I realized very quickly he was just another lying actor a radical propagandist puppet, just like PM blackface and may, all one party with the same false not thought… Read more »


Add on, the lieberals, ndp, greens keep lying about Doug Ford cutting health care and education funding, when he has NOT, he has put more thoughtful common sense and money into both + and he is getting our deficit under control as well read Ontario news for the truth plus he is helping get people training and working in the skilled trades. They should be legally stopped from these demonizing lies of the Conservatives, shame on them.


We will legally stop them by voting Conservative. Scheer isn’t perfect, but he is definitely more stable and level headed. That is someone Canada needs in the next few years. Recession is on its way and Trudeau has no concept of budget or finance. Remember when he was asked about his deficit lies and his reply was that Canada had a good credit rating. We cannot borrow ourselves out of poverty.


I have to agree Del. Andrew Scheer is the best way we have to keep this country stable. The others are all vying on how to create a socialist country.
The big picture has been laid out. There has been some heavy duty brainwashing achieved in schools. The last four years has shown me what was done and what it will create. A lot of people are too busy to see it. This is not only a financial disaster but a social one as well.

Donald O'Kane

If this is the way politicians are going to support or NOT support National infrastructure projects then I say “Alberta and Western Canada’ must leave confederation behind. We have lost 10’s of thousants on jobs in Alberta alone and have many people losing homes, vehicles and the ability to support our familys. Our governments need to take responsibility for all these disasterous decisions. We have a very large energy sector in Canada that is being completely stymeed. This is completely unacceptable. If we lose our energy sector the whole Nation Economy of Canada will be decamated. WAKE up Canada. The… Read more »


More government studies and meetings…
No wonder it is now takes years to get approval to build anything of substance.
Investors have fled in droves due to the ill advised American policies that our governments so much want to embrace.
Our education is an absolute disgrace when politicians are embracing poor theories while binding the vast array of facts being ignored.


He sold himself to Trudeau. What is the common term for that? Garbage like this would break Canada up into separate autonomous areas. Airlines, roads, rail, and powerlines all cross from one Province to another and all could be blocked. Every Province would start dealing separately with America and result in the breakup of Canada. East / West trade and travel would virtually cease. Singh hates Western Canadian resources. Remember that when you vote. Hmmm. Western Provinces would simply shut the border somewhere in Ontario and BC would be limited to dealing with Washington and Oregon, the breeding grounds of… Read more »


Speaking on behalf of Western Separatists, we don’t really want or need Manitoba, but I suppose we’d take them. The rest of Canada would still have to allow free transit of Western goods. The World Trade Organization prohibits countries from blocking access for land locked nations. We’d be treated better by the WTO than we are by our own government.


I often wonder how these folks that want to dismantle the economic functions that we have, that are keeping the whole country afloat have come up with plans to pay for all of the wants they have. Not taking into consideration the needs we already have as a country.
This is why learning math, and fiscal management life skills in high school is so important. I guess they are counting on voters that have none to put them into play.

pancake rachel corrie

Why is he allowed in the leadership debate?

old white guy

Every time Jagmeet opens his mouth he proves just what a fool he is.


That no name man NDP would like to break Canada.He will give you anything to get your vote.Where is the money going to come from.We now owe so much money are we going to borrow more money to keep the lousy promise.Even the devil said to the Lord I will give you everything if you follow me.

Exiled Maritimer

I, as an Albertan, Veto the Saguenay Pipeline that was exempted from the Energy East upstream and downstream CO2 regulations
I also veto the Gaspe Cement works which produces almost as much CO2 as the entire Oilsands
I ban navigation down the St Laurence for oil tankers
I veto the expansion of two coal terminals in Vancouver because of the CO2 and the increased shipping (save the Whales)
Get right on that Jagmeet