Survey: Canadians Trust In Scientists Eroding, Almost Half See Scientists As ‘Elitist’

Could the increasing politicization of science be to blame?

According to a recent survey by Ipsos, there is increasing skepticism of science in Canada.

The survey shows 32% of Canadians expressing ‘skepticism’ about science, an increase from 25% in 2018.

Additionally, 44% see scientists as ‘elitists’.

While 90% say they trust research results, there were significant concerns expressed about what is influencing scientists.

Roughly 30% believe scientists are being swayed by government agendas, while a third also believe scientists are influenced by the agendas of corporations.

People are wondering what is behind the increase in skepticism, and a key reason could be that science increasingly appears politicized.

It’s not really the scientists themselves doing that, but politicians who try to use science to justify policies that centralize government control, raise taxes, reduce prosperity, and take away more and more of our money and freedom. If politicians keep trying to use science to justify their own agendas, then we can expect to see trust drop even more.

Spencer Fernando

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define science and /or scientists ….. there are SCIENTISTS who deny global warming ….get me ??


As they should, if that’s what their results show(many do). Result that only reflect the wishes of the tester are as useless as a popcycle on the sun.


Climate Change has been they way Justin Trudeau helped win the 2015 Election and at the forefront to change laws, buy & shut down pipelines introduced Carbon Tax and the sky is falling…..

pancake rachel corrie

Thank God half the people haven’t been brainwashed yet I guess this won’t be the case in the near future


Your research will be blocked as too many factions have vested interests to quiet any amazing discoveries…
It has gotten vastly worse now.


Unfortunately, there seem to be scientists that are polar opposite on the same subject so all you can do is use your own common sense, reasoning and small knowledge and try to make the judgment about what is? Like the ? human created climate change, volcanoes, earthquakes, release huge amounts of gases and heat, but also dust that can block the sun and way more than cars and trucks and heating our homes etc. or the magnetic poles switch every million years or so, no one knows for sure what happens exactly but we are overdue for this, or the… Read more »


The results of studies seem to all reflect a bias toward the desires of who funds the studies or some social desire rather than a true objective result. Since the mistrust of science and scientists.


Must be our human nature that we are never wrong…
Our past theorists never had the wonderful technology that we have today and still endorsed as being 100% accurate even when facts do not work with the theories.
My twenty years of fact finding and research is vastly different from the mainstream and is ignored and silenced. No matter if it is NASA or any of the Unversities or Colleges, the paychecks from governments come first as the government narrative must be followed even if it too is incorrect.

old white guy

Show us some “science” and regain respect. Do not show us computer models designed to show the desired outcome and use it to fleece the flock.