Survey: Canadians Trust In Scientists Eroding, Almost Half See Scientists As ‘Elitist’

Could the increasing politicization of science be to blame?

According to a recent survey by Ipsos, there is increasing skepticism of science in Canada.

The survey shows 32% of Canadians expressing ‘skepticism’ about science, an increase from 25% in 2018.

Additionally, 44% see scientists as ‘elitists’.

While 90% say they trust research results, there were significant concerns expressed about what is influencing scientists.

Roughly 30% believe scientists are being swayed by government agendas, while a third also believe scientists are influenced by the agendas of corporations.

People are wondering what is behind the increase in skepticism, and a key reason could be that science increasingly appears politicized.

It’s not really the scientists themselves doing that, but politicians who try to use science to justify policies that centralize government control, raise taxes, reduce prosperity, and take away more and more of our money and freedom. If politicians keep trying to use science to justify their own agendas, then we can expect to see trust drop even more.

Spencer Fernando