Liberals Release Brutal New Attack Ad Against Conservatives

Images of Conservatives holding guns, which then transitions into a photo of a child looking into the camera. Subtle…

In a sign of both their desperation and a perceived opening to attack, the Liberals have released a brutal new attack ad against the Conservatives.

The ad is called “gun control,” and is clearly designed to cast Conservatives as a threat.

The ad shows a crime scene (referencing the surge in gun crime that has taken place under the Liberals’ watch), then shows some Conservatives holding and firing guns, and then finishes with a child looking into the camera.

You can view the ad below:

It’s the opposite of subtle.

The Liberals are clearly attempting to use the juxtaposition of the images to make the Conservatives seem dangerous, and it’s a despicable tactic. It shows law-abiding people legally using firearms, as if that is somehow dangerous, which it obviously is NOT. Meanwhile, there’s nothing shown about the actual source of gun crime – gangs in urban areas.

Of course, fear-mongering tactics often work in elections, and this ad could be effective on some people. That’s why the Conservatives need to push back with even tougher and more ruthless ads.

This election is now fully into the gutter, and pretending otherwise won’t change that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Like cutting your nose off to spite your face. Two wings of the Lib/con bird and both are desperate and both have nothing to offer Canadians in the way of policies or common sense…obviously!

Sheila Robillard

I would just like to remind everyone about how the Liberals take everything they do wrong and point it at the Opposition. Trudeau can’t win this election, so his minions are going to try to carry him. They are failing badly. Don’t bite on any more dirt Cons, just keep on telling us how you will clean up this mess and give us back Canada.

Major Tom

In his excellent book “The United Nations Exposed” by William F. Jasper, page 162 refers…..”Recall that the 1961 Freedom From War plan is a three stage program for the complete disarming of nation states and the simultaneous arming of the United Nations.” The Liberal plan for gun control has nothing to do with safer streets or communities….it’s the AGENDA…….civilian disarmament! Total control! They want your guns!


Trudeau is probably even more desperate to get back in power so he can keep Andrew Scheer from having him investigated by the RCMP and the Conservatives are saying they are making laws so no politician can block this again, and Canadians deserve to know what transpired in Sync Lavalin case etc.
But yes the Conservatives need to go much harder at the lieberals, somehow with our bought out media.


Bill Blair should be ashamed to run for the Liberal Party after Trudeau’s ethics scandals, the SNC scandal and the blackface scandal. Does he really not know any better? It’s scary to think that he was a police chief.

alan skelhorne

i wonder what he was doing as a police chief
something terribly wrong to think what he might have been involved with. oh wait a minute he is a liberal, silly me.

David Henley

Toronto is a liberal town. Now they have a liberal mayor and a city that is taking in the illegal immigrants. Crime has gone out of control and yet they still want to blame everyone else. Until the liberals are in the history books you are just going to have lots of crime. Don’t punish the criminals, blame the citizens for wanting to protect them selves. It is the liberal way.

Shawn Harris

This new election attack ad brings back memories of the 2005 federal election, in which the then PM Paul Martin unleashed a similar attack ad. Portraying the Conservatives of Stephen Harper as being ready to place soldiers on the streets of Canadian cities; all the while , like now there was a sharp rise in gun crimes and deaths. And like back in 2005, both times the Liberals were in power and both times the lIberals blamed the gun crimes, violence and deaths on law abiding citizens , while weakening the laws and penalties for criminals. The Liberals, especially under… Read more »

D Met

Typical Liberal move. They tried the same tactic when prime minister Harper was being elected. They suggested that they would have armed soldiers in the streets. Rule #1: Don’t believe a word that comes out of a Liberal’s mouth. Rule #2: See rule #1


He is a candidate. Why is he permitted to be shown in uniform? He has (according to the ad) not been Chief of Police since 2015. Very subtle innuendo that the police are on the side of the Liberals? Despicable.

David MacKAY

No majoruity of Toronto Police Officers or OPP Officers would have ever voted Blair in as a Chief

Diane DiFlorio

I wonder if Bill Blair is still packing a weapon as a Liberal MP.
Note he lives in a posh area of Toronto, although he represents Scarborough.
Of course he doesn’t want to talk about that.


if they want to solve CRIMINAL activity with firearms they should have mandatory minimum sentences for crimes committed that involve a firearm. that would have some actual impact on gun violence and crime.

just wanna know

The libs want to make new laws, the cons want to enforce the laws that are on the books.