Liberals Release Brutal New Attack Ad Against Conservatives

Images of Conservatives holding guns, which then transitions into a photo of a child looking into the camera. Subtle…

In a sign of both their desperation and a perceived opening to attack, the Liberals have released a brutal new attack ad against the Conservatives.

The ad is called “gun control,” and is clearly designed to cast Conservatives as a threat.

The ad shows a crime scene (referencing the surge in gun crime that has taken place under the Liberals’ watch), then shows some Conservatives holding and firing guns, and then finishes with a child looking into the camera.

You can view the ad below:

It’s the opposite of subtle.

The Liberals are clearly attempting to use the juxtaposition of the images to make the Conservatives seem dangerous, and it’s a despicable tactic. It shows law-abiding people legally using firearms, as if that is somehow dangerous, which it obviously is NOT. Meanwhile, there’s nothing shown about the actual source of gun crime – gangs in urban areas.

Of course, fear-mongering tactics often work in elections, and this ad could be effective on some people. That’s why the Conservatives need to push back with even tougher and more ruthless ads.

This election is now fully into the gutter, and pretending otherwise won’t change that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube