Jagmeet Singh Says He Hopes Donald Trump Gets Impeached

Good thing Singh has no chance of becoming PM.

Any Canadian PM has to have a good (or at least half-decent) relationship with the US President.

So, it’s probably a good thing that Jagmeet Singh has no chance of winning the job.

Singh was asked the first thing he would say to Trump if Singh was elected PM.

“I hope he gets impeached before I get to speak to him. I say that a little tongue-in-cheek.”

Added Singh, “It’s horrible that someone in a position of power like him would allow for kids to be stripped from the arms of their parents, from their moms. That needs to be denounced.”

Of course, since Singh claims that he wants to be PM, and would thus have to deal with Trump, it’s very foolish for him to make that comment, a point noted by Robyn Urback:

“This is a tremendously dumb thing for someone who genuinely wants to be prime minister to say”

Notably, Jagmeet Singh has not been nearly as critical of Communist China’s leader Xi Jinping, which shows his lack of seriousness, lack of perspective, and lack of basic common sense.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Thomas Tass

I thought he was smart. Not anymore.

Cleroux, Jacqueline

Behehe, behehe. A leader should think for thenselves not just go with the flow against Pres.
Trump; who kept all his promises and made the economy much better AND HE’S DOING
IT FOR FREE!!! Just because the Democrats are jealous and unacepting, doesn’t mean we all have to be too.


Well obviously Singh has certainly not apprised himself of the truth of the US immigration policies and what has truly happened. EVERY single “cage” that houses these immigrants was built by Obama, and Obama turned away more immigrants and children than any other POTUS in US History. These stats are readily available to any who wishes to see them. And as Spencer states, why would he unqualified and unjustifiably malign the current POTUS without ANY PROOF OR EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER. The ICE Agents were simply following the laws that were put in place under the Bush Administration. Look what happened when… Read more »

Donald O'Kane

I don’t know who all these left leaning politicians think they are. All of them are completely unhinged. They make unreal and damaging statements and promises that will destroy our country. In order to play in the global political spectrum, they need a little couth and show some ethics. Meddling in other countrys politics is not an option. Our politicians are here to support Canadian citizens morales and concerns. Through the lefts arrogant and condescending remarks Canada is losing the support and respect we have always had on the global political spectrum. None of them seem to have the knowledge… Read more »


I truly Hope that Canadian Voters are Smart and Educated Enough to know that Voting for Jagmeet Singh would be a Grave Mistake! The NDP, the Greens and the Liberals are all Socialist Parties. All Socialist Countries have shown the World what a Disaster they have been. Just look at Venezuela. The NDP have also been a Disaster when they have governed in Provinces in Canada. People remember the Rae Days in Ontario and how quickly they were turfed. Bob Rae, another hypocrite like Trudeau become a Liberal after being turfed as NDP Premier in Ontario. Jagmeet Singh is another… Read more »


He is a lawyer, and he thinks if he makes a law that tell us to drink out of the gutter every morning we will do it.LAW has three letters you did not get my conscience it is mine, mine heart is mine heart.I posses my conscience and my thinking and I do my conscience tells me.Your law means nothing to me if you want to put it mildly. Leaders have fallen by thinking that their law will control people.


Jagmeet should just keep his mouth shut because he’s digging a bigger hole for himself everyday!!!
Time to pack up and Go…
NDP needs to dissolve as a party!!!
He’s a desperate man with low poll #

Elizabeth Thorne

Recently I asked a NDP supporter what has our NDP MP done for this riding. She said “She always sends a card, she does not forget anyone’s birthday”.


The new bread of our political figures have become such an odd pack of ducks. I find it hard to understand their illogical mindset.

Dale Evjen

Jagmeet Singh should mind his own business !