Canada’s Population Surges, Largest Increase On Record

Immigration is main source of population growth according to Stats Canada.

Canada’s population grew 1.4% from July 2018 to July 2019, according to Statistics Canada.

The increase of 531,497 people was the largest on record in any single year, and the population increase by percentage was the largest since 1990.

Almost all the growth was from immigration, with 313,580 immigrating in the one year period, while non-permanent residents, foreign students, and asylum seekers (including illegal border crossers) adding another 171,536 to the population surge.

Notably, employment is up by just 350,000, far short of the total new influx in that same period.

While a certain level of immigration can certainly be beneficial for an economy, the influx into Canada is staggeringly high as a percentage of our population. Consider that the United States brings in about 1 million people a year through the regular immigration system, while we are bringing in over 300,000 people through that system. So, with about 1/10th of the population of the US, we are taking in 1/3rd as many people.

Most polls also show Canadians would like to see immigration levels lowered, something the Trudeau government repeatedly ignores as they impose their agenda on the country.

Spencer Fernando

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Interesting I was looking for these numbers a while back, but could not seem to find any recent numbers. Doug Ford said that 60% of new comers to Canada were coming to Ontario, and at that point the Feds still had not given Ontario any money towards this influx of people.


The higher levels of immigration are designed to drive the middle class lower and make more people dependent on the government


So does the Conservative Party ignore the population”s concerns on Immigration!


They brought more people into the country than they have jobs available for them.Anybody can see all Mcdonalds, Wendy, Timhortons, A&W etc are filled with new emmigrants,yet our High School kids are left out.Charity begins at home doesn’t it?This government does not care about its people it is all talk.Talk is cheap.


It will keep growing as long as Trudeau brings in unvetted, unwanted illegals by the thousands with no jobs, barely speak English which most won’t and only here for the benefits we pay for.

Brian Mellor

This means about 100,000 new homes, 100,000 more carbon producing furnaces, 300 acres of carbon absorbing trees and shrubs paved over, 100 acres of new road paved over, 200,000 new carbon producing cars on the road, more people polluting our clean waters, all while artificial intelligence kills jobs, economists tell us that 25 % of all known jobs in 2019 will disappear by 2013.

Eric Blair

With these increased numbers in population in Canada, where, might one ask, are all these people living? Are they in rental or do they own their own accommodations? If there are more people then rental accommodations available then rents just to up, simple as that. With all these additional people then would not our carbon footprint also go up in total. And let us not forget employment as pointed out in the article above.

Scott M

Welfare Recipients at the highest level ever


It would be interesting to see the numbers on that across the country right now.

Lance Boyle

Immigration is now a Ponzi Scheme. We are constantly beaten over the head that we “need” these immigrants to pay for our pensions.

Well, who is going to pay for their pensions? More immigrants to pay for the previous immigrants?

In addition, here in Vancouver, the very Hipsters and Millenials that carp writ large about the high cost of housing, are unable to figure out the old “supply and demand” paradigm. You want affordable housing, you want the kind of wages you need to even buy affordable housing: stop immigration.

Nope. Too effing stupid.

Shawn Harris

Immigration is a double edged sword. During times of strong economic growth, which currently we don’t have, there would be lots of jobs available to support a large increase in immigrants coming to Canada. Whereas in an economic slowdown or recession, this massive increase in immigrants only leads to wage suppression , fewer workers having jobs, all because the employer can hold off on both workers and wage increases, due to an oversupply of workers. This hasn’t stopped Trudeau and his ideologically driven far left Liberal party from blindly plowing ahead bringing in immigrants, because he cynically sees them as… Read more »


So to break that down, thats approximately 1456 people per day for every day of the year, including holidays. Pretty sure we can’t process that many on a daily basis and certainly not if we divide that 531497 number by just working days. Whats that, about 251 working days = about 2117 per day for processing. Uh huh, like that’s happening.


No it is not. The wait times, last I heard were at 5 years and counting.


This should be in full print coast to coast.Perhaps even the most far left voters may say enough is enough trudope.Nothing said until taxpayer money runs out.Don’t say it won’t happen under socialist policies like the dope.Wake up libtards your next!


I have said many times to liberals, look who Justin is throwing under the bus. Soon it will be you. He has no loyalty, especially not to this country or the people that have made it what it is.