Ipsos Poll: Liberals Lead By 1 Point Before Debate

Conservatives lose support in Quebec.

Ahead of tonight’s English language debate, the Liberals have taken a narrow lead in the latest Ipsos poll, conducted for Global News.

Since the last Ipsos poll, the Liberals are up 1 point to 35%, while the Conservatives are down 3 points to 34%.

15% say they’ll vote NDP, while 7% say they’ll vote Green.

The Bloc is also at 7%, while the PPC is at 3%.

The poll has bad news for the Conservatives in Quebec, with the party falling five points following the first French language debate. The Conservatives are now at 19%.

The Liberals have 40% in Quebec, with the Bloc in second place at 30%.

BC and Ontario are both close, while the Conservatives continue to dominate in Alberta and the Prairies.

Trudeau leads on the question of best PM, with 35%, compared to Scheer at 30%. 14% pick Jagmeet Singh, while 12% pick Elizabeth May. Maxime Bernier is at 6%.

As a result, the pressure is high for the upcoming debate, with Trudeau trying to recapture those who voted Liberal in 2015, Scheer seeking to erode Trudeau’s support, Singh trying to translate his rising personal popularity into actual votes, May trying to make good on the so-called ‘momentum’ for the Greens, Bernier seeking to take votes from the Conservatives, and the Bloc candidate attempting to sow chaos among the federalist parties.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube