WATCH: Here’s The Ad CBC Doesn’t Want You To See

CBC is suing the Conservatives to try and silence this ad. It would be a shame if you shared it far and wide.

With CBC outraging the Canadian People by attacking the Conservatives in court during the election campaign, the corrupt broadcasting network that we are all forced to pay for has inadvertently drawn attention to the very same ad they were trying to suppress.

Unsurprisnlgy, the ad is extremely critical of Justin Trudeau, which is exactly why CBC is trying to block it. CBC is desperately attempting to get Trudeau re-elected, and their obvious anti-Conservative bias has reached a new level.

Of course, by trying to attack the Conservatives in court, CBC has caused the ad to spread even more.

You can view the full ad below:

“It would be a shame if this ad the CBC had removed got a bunch of views.”

It truly would be a real shame if you shared this ad far and wide and helped make it known to everybody you possibly can. CBC really wouldn’t like that at all.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


With media bias reaching unprecedented levels, Canada needs independent voices like Spencer Fernando now more than ever. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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Wouldn’t it be great if the Judge were to say: “Let the ad run, free speech is free speech. If the Conservatives are guilty of libel/slander, then let the CBC and/or Trudeau plead their case before the Courts with a lawsuit.”
We all know that that will never happen, because CBC and the Liberal Socialist elites know full well, that these ads are simply a reiteration of what has been said and done, without any obfuscation or even opining. Sadly all judges in Canada are appointed….time will tell I guess.


Fantastic video. I will be passing this on, and asking others to do the same.
Not as advertised sums it up nicely.


I think that Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives should announce the great tax savings Canadians can expect when he is elected and the billions given to this un Canadian CBC now de funded will help lower our lefty imposed deficits, and regulate strictley the rest of the media since Canadians are forced to pay for it, this has been so undemocratic.


This ad is probably getting more views thanks to the CBC than if they had simply ignored it. I think that’s hilarious.

Don Taylor

I will never vote for a Trudeau liberal corrupt Govt,I have seen many a Govt come and go in my 80 Years in Canada and this Govt is by far the worst.

Nolan Diamond

It’s a shame, the many Trudeau voters, including our left wing media, will not wake up & approve of his foolish policies/arrogance.


WE MUST NOT allow JT to run this country after Oct.21. Get out and vote people. CPC all the way!!

Guy-Paul Roy

His Dad was not much better, As this stil remains to be seen.

William Jones

It dies a person good to see the CBC finally getting caught in its own trap – this is not the first time that the CBC has clearly demonstrated the tendency to ‘lick the hand that feeds it’ — the government, with our money and without our agreement. Nice work (income) if you can get it.

Shawn Harris

No wonder the CBC, Trudeau, Butts and the Liberals all want this ad buried deep, because it is an absolutely brilliantly powerful ad, that tells the unvarnished truth about Trudeau and his record while in office. By suing the Conservatives, the CBC will only help to elect more Conservatives and highlight exactly how biased and corrupt the Liberals and the CBC really are.
It brilliantly connects all the dots, in an easy to understand message and gives powerful reasons for why Trudeau must be defeated. Trudeau and the CBC have to go.

Gordon E Surbey

Publicly funded CBC has set Canada’s media benchmark for politically biased news coverage. Truly a disgrace to honest, objective journalism and a threat to Canadian democracy.


Even the Prime Minister has said himself,that they paid CBC 500 hundred thousand dollars to do a job for them.And then he ended saying if you put a little grease on the wheel it helps.This is already in the public demain I did not make it up.Why would CBC be upset with conservative party.

Jack Flory

If Trudeau and Singh win the election, then Canada will become a third world country, without a doubt

John Curtis

So what is the problem, all of that is absolutely true! CBC if course should be disbanded or should I say ALL the people that work there and make the decisions should be fired!

Kelsey Germaine

This ad is where because the photos of those 3 definitely don’t play.


Thought CBC was paid by the taxpayers they should be neutral and Report both sides

The ad won’t play, so, I can’t watch it. The censors must have taken it down.


Twitter ads never play for me, unless I click on the: “10K 7:58 PM – Oct 11, 2019” or on the one below that: “10K people are talking about this”…… I was really hopeful that the Conservatives would have been elected in October 2019, but it was not to be. I didn’t think Andrew Scheer was so bad, at least he campaigned for other issues besides climate change. He actually said he was going to cancel the carbon tax PLUS take tax of home heating fuel. Just astonishing that Trudeau was re-elected, but at least he lost his majority. Anyways….I… Read more »