WATCH: Here’s The Ad CBC Doesn’t Want You To See

CBC is suing the Conservatives to try and silence this ad. It would be a shame if you shared it far and wide.

With CBC outraging the Canadian People by attacking the Conservatives in court during the election campaign, the corrupt broadcasting network that we are all forced to pay for has inadvertently drawn attention to the very same ad they were trying to suppress.

Unsurprisnlgy, the ad is extremely critical of Justin Trudeau, which is exactly why CBC is trying to block it. CBC is desperately attempting to get Trudeau re-elected, and their obvious anti-Conservative bias has reached a new level.

Of course, by trying to attack the Conservatives in court, CBC has caused the ad to spread even more.

You can view the full ad below:

“It would be a shame if this ad the CBC had removed got a bunch of views.”

It truly would be a real shame if you shared this ad far and wide and helped make it known to everybody you possibly can. CBC really wouldn’t like that at all.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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