Trudeau Government Suspends Weapons Sales To Turkey, Yet Continues Selling To Saudi Arabia

Move takes place as Turkish offensive accelerates.

The Trudeau government has ended weapon sales to Turkey, as the Turkish operation in Syria against Kurdish forces continues.

In a statement, Global Affairs Canada criticized the Turkish offensive:

“This unilateral action risks undermining the stability of an already fragile region, exacerbating the humanitarian situation and rolling back progress achieved by the Global Coalition Against Daesh, of which Turkey is a member. We call for the protection of civilians and on all parties to respect their obligations under international law, including unhindered access for humanitarian aid.”

Export permits of weapons to Turkey – a member of NATO – have been ‘temporarily’ suspended.

Notably, the Trudeau government continues selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.

While I don’t often agree with NDP MP Niki Ashton, she rightfully called out the hypocrisy:

“Great. Now do Saudi Arabia.”

Worst of all in all this is the fact that the Trudeau government has no problem selling weapons around the world, yet our own military is totally depleted and our own country is almost totally undefended.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube