Justin Trudeau Claims Liberals Won’t Massively Hike The GST, But After All His Lies Why Should Anyone Believe Him?

The Liberals and Justin Trudeau are now facing the consequences of repeatedly lying to Canadians: Nobody believes what he says.

With the specter of an anti-democratic dishonest coalition between the Liberals and NDP raising, the Conservatives are justifiably raising concerns about the damage a coalition could do to the Canadian People.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has raised the possibility that the GST will be massively hiked from 5% to 7.5% if a Liberal-NDP coalition happens.

It’s entirely possible, since the NDP has proposed a massive increase in government spending, which would obviously be paid for with massive tax hikes. And both the Liberals and NDP have attacked the Conservatives for reducing the GST, so a massive GST hike by a coalition is something that is a real threat.

Trudeau has responded to the claims of an impending massive GST hike, and says it’s not true:

“Those claims are entirely untrue. It is unfortunate that the Conservatives keep having to make up attacks against us, but all they’re offering is cuts,” Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says about Andrew Scheer’s suggestion Liberal-NDP coalition would raise the GST”

Of course, Justin Trudeau has a big problem:

He’s lied so much, about nearly everything, that there’s no reason to believe him on anything.

He’s falsely claiming the Conservatives are cutting spending, when spending goes up under the Conservative plan.

He’s falsely claiming the abortion debate will be opened, even though the Conservatives have made clear it won’t.

He falsely claimed the SNC-Lavalin story was false.

He falsely promised to bring in proportional representation.

He falsely promised to balance the budget.

And on and on and on…

It’s been endless lies from Trudeau.

It’s gotten so bad that anytime he denies something it almost confirms that it’s actually happening.

So, if Trudeau says there’s no GST hike from a coalition, it seems almost more likely that a massive GST hike is exactly what’s about to take place.

Can you afford a massive new tax hike?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter