Conservatives Winning Popular Vote, But Liberal Vote-Efficiency Gives Them Minority Government Victory

Liberal strategy proves more effective than Conservative strategy.

The left often likes talking about the “popular vote,” particularly in relation to the US Presidential Election, in which Donald Trump won the electoral college, while losing the popular vote.

Yet, don’t expect the Liberals to be mentioning the fact that it appears the same thing has happened here in Canada.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party is currently at 33.4% of the popular vote. The Conservatives are at 34.2%.

So, it turns out that more Canadians voted Conservative than voted Liberal.

However, that doesn’t mean anything in the Canadian electoral system. A seat is a seat, whether you win it by 1 vote or 10,000 votes. As a result, the Liberal campaign has proven to much more efficient in their strategy, as they delivered a minority government by winning a lot of seats narrowly, while the Conservatives ran up massive margins in the seats they won.

This will cause many to raise questions and criticism of the Conservatives strategy, and by failing to defeat Trudeau it may be difficult for Andrew Scheer to remain as Conservative Party leader:

“Tough to see how Scheer remains as Conservative leader after this election. The righteous anger in the Conservative base and Western Canada over the failure to defeat Trudeau will be immense.”

Spencer Fernando

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The righteous anger seems to be directed EAST, to the Atlantic provinces, not towards Scheer, as I read tweets an hour ago. Who knows, maybe we’ll be back to the polls in 3 mths and Scheer will kick butt!


Are you kidding? The Liberals and NDP are the same flavour of leftism. This is going to be at least 3 years of hell and another 1.2 million at least new voters over 3 years that will vote left. There is no pathway to victory next election. It’s WExit or some other option that does not involve holding on to the false ideal of Canada which no longer exists. Let it go and move on.


Scheer doesn’t know how, all he can do is grin and talk softly.


Well at least Goodale lost. I hope Michelle Remple will be the next Conservative leader.


There are a few on the Cons front row that would be a good PM. Add Pierre Poilievre. He strikes me as fearless, ferocious, level headed and even-tempered. Scheer is too soft.


Yup, you got that right. Scheer is a wimp. He has no personality. And most of us are so sick and tired of Politically Correct politicians. Which is why, love him or hate him, Mr. Trump won the election and so amazingly popular in the States. Corruption in Canada’s Government is rampant. Michelle is the way to go. Canadians simply refuse to analyze trudeau and his policies and mind set. Otherwise they would see that he is the most dangerous person in Canada. Canada is on a very very dangerous path to Communism/Socialism. Trudeau wants to monitor social media. ALL… Read more »

Liba Cunnings

Share the tears? A sure bet how to screw up what used to be a perfectly good country.

Donald O'Kane

Well there goes Canada as we know it. Now I expect the separation topic in Alberta will pick up a few notches. The rest of Canada wants us gone, so be it. From now on all Alberta companys, hire Albertans before anyone else. In the past, 10’s of thousands of people from other provinces earned a good living working in Alberta. Keep our jobs in Alberta and get us all working again. We have far too many Albertans out of work and are not a part of the employment statistics. The job offers here are very poor unless you want… Read more »


dude the whole of west voted mostly Conservative

Donald O'Kane

You’re right Michael I should have been adding Western Canada to the comment. I’m just a very frustrated Albertan and it shows in my comment. Not just Alberta but all of Western Canada has been demonized, marginalized and shown NO respect by the left leaning citizens.


A Liberal minority, but with Singh repeatedly stating he will never work with Conservatives, what we really have is a Liberal / NDP powerful majority with about 191 seats total. Working together for the next four years they will increase Canada’s debt to the point where the upcoming recession will damage Canada’s economy possibly past the point of salvage. There was no thought given to any kind of fiscal reality and unfortunately, Canadians will have to pay and pay and pay. I for one will be watching the upcoming recession and will be selling off my Canadian investments, even taking… Read more »


its simple the western vote doesn’t matter the east coast decided this time for the west to split

old white guy

33.4% of the vote and people actually say our system is not broken.

pancake rachel corrie

18 months were back at the polls with the return of harper…maybe this time harper will teach third world canadians a lesson in civility


A very sad day.

Shawn Harris

The divider in chief Trudeau remains as PM, the slow economic death of Canada continues and now the fight to separate from Canada will ramp up in both Quebec and Alberta/Saskatchewan; all because of Liberal voters in Ontario and Quebec deciding that their immediate needs and wants were more important than the rest of Canada and Canadians. So once again, as it has always happened when there is massive economic damage, you can count on the Liberals, NDP and now the Bloc and Greens to be at the centre of it all. There will be no real opposition to the… Read more »


I am wondering how much influence Obama had on Trudeau’s win, marginal as it is. In 2015 is was revealed that Obama’s election team was involved in Trudeau’s win with the largest number of seats coming from the Maritimes. Some kind of investigation seems warranted here.