Conservatives Winning Popular Vote, But Liberal Vote-Efficiency Gives Them Minority Government Victory

Liberal strategy proves more effective than Conservative strategy.

The left often likes talking about the “popular vote,” particularly in relation to the US Presidential Election, in which Donald Trump won the electoral college, while losing the popular vote.

Yet, don’t expect the Liberals to be mentioning the fact that it appears the same thing has happened here in Canada.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party is currently at 33.4% of the popular vote. The Conservatives are at 34.2%.

So, it turns out that more Canadians voted Conservative than voted Liberal.

However, that doesn’t mean anything in the Canadian electoral system. A seat is a seat, whether you win it by 1 vote or 10,000 votes. As a result, the Liberal campaign has proven to much more efficient in their strategy, as they delivered a minority government by winning a lot of seats narrowly, while the Conservatives ran up massive margins in the seats they won.

This will cause many to raise questions and criticism of the Conservatives strategy, and by failing to defeat Trudeau it may be difficult for Andrew Scheer to remain as Conservative Party leader:

“Tough to see how Scheer remains as Conservative leader after this election. The righteous anger in the Conservative base and Western Canada over the failure to defeat Trudeau will be immense.”

Spencer Fernando

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