REPORT: Canada Federal Election Results

This page will be updated with seat counts and popular vote numbers throughout the night. Refresh regularly for new results.

Results from the Canadian Federal Election are starting to come in.

Below, you can see regularly updated seat totals and popular vote numbers:

SEATS (170 needed for a majority)

Liberals – 155

Conservatives – 122

NDP – 25

Greens – 3

Bloc – 32

PPC – 0

Independent (Jody Wilson-Raybould) – 1


Conservatives 34.5%

Liberals 32.9%

NDP 15.8%

Greens 6.3%

Bloc 8.0%

PPC 1.6%


Spencer Fernando

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Norbert Kausen

EXTREMELY disheartening so far! End of Canada!

Frustrated Canadian

Time for the west to remove the East from the equation!

Esther Lindberg

What happened to Maxim Berner?


He lost to the conservative.

old white guy

He was/is far too conservative for the gimmie, gimmie voters in Canada.

Glen Aldridge

How much Corruption does it take to defeat a Government in Canada? How much mismanagement? How much debt? How many lies? The mind boggles.

old white guy

Same old same old Glen. When your country is socialist and there are almost as many welfare voters as there are tax paying voters well, this will be the ongoing saga until the country is bankrupt. How much longer that will take is anybody’s guess.

Joe white

These seem to be acceptable to voters in exchange for “free stuff”.

The changing population in rural areas to non-Conservative urban sprawl Toronto bedroom communities doesn’t help.

Remember the basis of change to socialism is “any means to the end” – do and accept anything to get to the goal.

Finally, when the media must get “authorization” for their 3/4 billion dollar bail out, created by the Liberal Party, and “rules “ are attached – is it simply now a propaganda network ?


The hashtag Alberta Separation is trending. Already a rally is being planned in Calgary. Ontario has done it to the west again, but this time the consequences are much more serious.

The economic consequences will likely be severe as well.

Rick Stolberg

What a joke. I wish I believed that Elections Canada was on top of voter fraud but I don’t. There is NO way that many people voted for Trudumbass after what he has done.

old white guy

The numbers show what I have been saying for decades that 60% plus will vote the socialist line , this time it looks like 63% voted for socialism, make no mistake the liberals are socialists.

Shawn Harris

So once again the wants and desires of the majority of Canadians is decided by voters in Ontario and Quebec, while the rest of the country is just a mere afterthought. The voters have spoken and decided that they want more of the same criminal corruption by Trudeau and his cult of Liberal MPs. Come the next election, the Canada we once knew and loved will be unrecognisable, because Trudeau with the ever so willing help of the NDP will leave Canada looking like third world country. Remember what the 15 years of Liberal rule did to Ontario and what… Read more »

Kim wilson

I believe many “would be” PPC voters chose to protect the Conservative Party from a vote split. To assume PPC policies are now proven unwanted is short sighted. Rather the low PPC results show a strategic vote -to prevent a Liberal win- was more important. This may be especially due to the “close” races for some Conservative/Liberal seats projected in media the day before Election Day.


The other shoe has not dropped on the SNC Lavelan scandal, nor on the Mark Norman affair, which is still before the courts, vetting judicial nominee based on financial support for the Liberal party, there is even a new scandal brewing with regards to Liberal insiders getting and inside edge into the pot growing business. I can remember that it took a while for the sponsorship scandal to be fully unveiled, and grow legs, and that only really happened after the Paul Martin Liberals were reduced to a minority, after which they could not block committee investigations into adscam. Regardless… Read more »