They’re Not Perfect, But The Conservatives Offer Best Hope To Salvage Canada’s Crumbling National Unity

Canada was united under the Harper government, with Quebec separatism collapsing and Western separatism basically non-existent. But under Trudeau, all of that has changed.

It’s easy to forget, but Canada’s massive divisions under Justin Trudeau were basically non-existent in the Harper era.

During Harper’s time in power, the Bloc Quebecois collapsed, the Parti Quebecois collapsed, separatist sentiment in Quebec receded dramatically, and Western separatism was nearly non-existent.

All of that has changed under the Trudeau Liberals.

Now, Canada is dangerously divided, Western separatism is surging, the Bloc is rising in the polls, and the level of anger in our nation has reached perhaps a record level.

This is all an indictment of Justin Trudeau’s failed leadership.

It’s also why the best hope for salvaging Canada’s unity is a Conservative majority government.

The Conservatives are far from perfect, having missed an opportunity by failing to embrace populism (even demonizing populism and populist Canadians), running a boring and overly safe campaign, and struggling mightily to appeal to new voters. Additionally, they have not offered an inspiring vision to make Canadians excited about voting Conservative, and faced accusations of dirty-tricks in the final days following reports that they tried to discredit the PPC.

However, when looking at the polls, it becomes clear that the Conservatives are the only party that can defeat the Liberals, and the stakes are far too high for Justin Trudeau to be allowed to remain in power.

If the Conservatives can help salvage Canada’s crumbling national unity, then they must be given that chance. The alternative, a Liberal government or Liberal-NDP coalition, is far too dangerous for our country, and is a disaster that must be avoided.

While a Conservative win is the best outcome, it would also be good to see the PPC of Maxime Bernier win some seats – particularly Bernier’s seat. While the PPC has struggled during the campaign, and building up a party from scratch is not easy, it must be said that Bernier has brought attention to issues that many Canadians want to see discussed, even as the scared establishment elites try to silence conversation. Canada needs real diversity, which is diversity of thought, and the PPC has brought that to the campaign in an important way.

So now, all that remains is to hope and pray for a decisive Liberal defeat, and remember to get out and Vote!

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube