VIDEO: Trudeau Holds Press Conference Following Election

New cabinet will be sworn in November 20, and there will be “no formal or informal coalition” claims Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau has held his first press conference following the federal election in which he lost support, lost seats, but managed to remain in power due to the Conservatives’ failure to do well in Ontario.

Facing a nation divided due to his policies, Trudeau is saying a bunch of nice things and putting out the usual platitudes, but Canadians have increasingly tuned-out his words.

Trudeau’s press conference comes after he was slammed for interrupting Andrew Scheer’s concession speech, and gave a ‘victory’ speech that seemed totally off-base with the loss of support he suffered and the humility he was expected to show.

You can watch Trudeau’s press conference below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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so turned off, cannot listen

Major Tom

I would rather watch a Muppet movie than listen to Trudeau….


The muppets have more intelligence.


There will be a coalition but behind the scenes so as to keep his corrupt ego intact. Aligning himself with Jagmeet Singh will tarnish his corrupt reputation not wanting the public to get the impression that he needs all the help to stop any bill fr cpc. In other words
Trudeau to Singh “I’ll help if you help me”. C’dians must never know that we are working together.


Trudeau is taking advantage of the NDP mistake in expressing their dislike of the PC party and not ever going to support it in anyway…
So, Trudeau has now mandated himself as a majority party and not include the NDP in the Liberal agenda knowing that it would look embarrassing for the NDP to support the PC if they were to oust the Liberals.


There are a hell of a lot more issues to be dealt with than the scam climate change.

Garlet Farlett

Yes, but none more geared to part you from your hard earned money!!