If You Think Canada Is Divided Now, Just Imagine What Will Happen When A Recession Hits

Economic decline and crisis often causes political divisions to surge. With Canada already massively divided, the results could be disastrous.

It’s well known that economic crises and recessions cause political divisions to worsen, in large part due to a well-founded view that the corrupt elitist governing class continues to enrich themselves while the rest of us suffer.

That has serious implications for Canada.

Our nation is already at risk of collapsing, with well-justified Western alienation surging, the Bloc winning nearly half the seats in Quebec, and political divisions between the parties at record levels.

And this all happening without Canada being in the middle of a recession.

If a recession hits (and it looks increasingly likely) then all bets are off.

As I wrote about earlier, the risks of a recession appear to be rising, with a new MNP survey showing Canadians facing a worsening financial situation and increasingly struggling with debt:

“More evidence of Canada’s deeply broken economy has emerged in a survey by MNP.

The survey shows a whopping 47% of Canadians saying they can’t cover their basic expenses without adding even more to their debt burden.

Additionally, 48% say that they have less than $200 left at the end of the month after paying their living costs and debt expenses.

In June, that number was at 44%.

Disturbingly, the amount of money Canadians have on average at the end of the month has gone down dramatically.

In June of 2017, Canadians had on average $892 left over at the end of the month.

Now, that number has fallen to $557.”

This puts Canada at further risk of economic crisis, and things are getting pretty bad out there.

And just think about this: Will Canadians still put up with carbon taxes and restrictions on our energy industry when our economy faces collapse?

Will Trudeau’s virtue-signalling and the disloyalty of the elites still be allowed when Canadians are fearing for our futures?

I don’t think so.

Increasingly, it appears that our nation will face a clear choice:

Free all our regions to prosper and reduce taxes for Canadians, or watch as our country collapses, descends into chaos, and breaks apart.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


As Canada faces an increasing risk of breaking apart, we need independent Patriotic voices like Spencer Fernando now more than ever. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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Vlad Tepesblog

The divisions will increase when Canadians notice who is not affected, and how if you try and point it out, you will get arrested for hate speech, as Canada continues its neo-Marxist effort to criminalize truth that goes against its narrative.


The globalist left won and will destroy Canada, get out if you can (but where) or get ready for the real fighting to start. The west I hope sets up to protect themselves and get back on their feet, I thought of going there but I am on CPP disabled and old, they need smart healthy good honest hard working caring younger people (Conservatives mainly) so they can withstand the corrupt lefty globalists. Sadly this is becoming a corrupt foreign country like so many others and is about to fall when they produce our next economic crisis


Reading the news today I see the voice of the government (MSM) chastising the west for not voting in more liberals to have their voice heard in Ottawa. That is the spin of all spins, if I do say so myself. Canada is divided because Ottawa is not working for the whole country (no mater how often the media says it is not happening) Ottawa is flitting about with our money, they are not concerned about a recession, they have Chalets they can’t even remember they have and no ethics. If you think they care about you and what your… Read more »


Just the two of us and we figure our living costs have increased by over $300 a month in the last three years. We now hear threats of increased Trudeau Carbon Tax. Here in BC we get screwed for $45 / ton and that only applies to BC products. Add in the increases for goods from other provinces who of course pass on their $20 Trudeau Carbon Tax and it is damn expensive just to live. Mid-Vancouver Island gas = $ 1.46. We are seniors on a budget and have had to cut back on all donations except the Veterans… Read more »

Moe S.

Today I bought two lunches, one for me and one for the middle-aged man who was standing on the corner holding a sign that simply read, “I’m hungry.” He is one of many on street corners in the city in which I work. Campus homelessness also becoming a major issue. Yet, mainstream media are not reporting the homelessness reality. We are encouraged to believe by politicians the economy is just fine. The homelessness reality, legitimized drug use, daily gun shootings across the Toronto GTA are just the natural state of things we should just tolerate. Welcome to voting ‘progressive’ in… Read more »


Good on you for the second lunch. <3

Brian Dougan

Will the black-hearted Trudeau change course–and put us back on the road to prosperity? Will he forget about his cheap; empty virtue signalling? Will he apologize to the myriad number of clear thinking Canadians he’s tossed into the wood chipper? Will he repent of his Euro-Canadian “White” (self) hatred? Will he stop trying to impress the despicable UN? The answer: Yes–When the budget balances itself.


Clap, clap, clap. Nice post.

old white guy

In a country that has special laws for special people the citizens are no longer free. When one is no longer free to engage in commerce without government approval that country will not long survive. We have allowed our heritage and God given freedom to be taken by inferior intellects, why? because we are now inferior.