Jason Kenney Rips Justin Trudeau For Attacking “The Big Alberta Oil Companies” In French Language Debate

The double-standard against Alberta’s energy industry is unacceptable says Kenney.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney ripped Justin Trudeau in the Alberta Legislature.

Kenney pointed out the absurd and outrageous double-standard of Justin Trudeau openly attacking “The big Alberta oil companies” in the French-language debate.

You would never see a federal leader attack the Ontario auto industry, or the Quebec aerospace industry in a leaders debate, so why the hell is Trudeau allowed to attack the Alberta oil industry?

Kenney is 100% right to be calling out this double-standard.

Trudeau seems to think he can say one thing in the French debate, and then slip back into “conciliatory” mode after the election as if nothing happened at all.

We can’t let Trudeau get away with it.

You can watch Kenney’s remarks below:

“Alberta’s oil & gas industry deserves the same respect and treatment as other major sectors in Canada.”

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter