Speaking In Washington, Peter MacKay Compares Conservative Loss To Missing A Breakaway On An Empty Net

Also said social issues hurt Scheer’s campaign.

While Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer seeks to tamp down growing murmurs and criticism (increasingly from some former Conservative MPs and Senators) about his performance in the 2019 election, possible leadership contender Peter MacKay has added his voice to the criticism.

Speaking at an event in Washington D.C., MacKay didn’t hold back on describing his view of the Conservative campaign:

“Yeah, to use a good Canadian analogy, it was like having a breakaway on an open net and missing the net,” said MacKay.

MacKay also discussed his view on the impacts of social issues (same-sex marriage and abortion) in the campaign:

“That was thrust on the agenda and [it] hung around Andrew Scheer’s neck like a stinking albatross, quite frankly. And he wasn’t able to deftly deal with those issues when the opportunities arose.”

According to reports (by CBC so take it with a grain of salt), MacKay’s people are putting together a campaign infrastructure, in case Scheer can’t remain as party leader.

Conservative MP John Barlow pushed back on MacKay’s comments:

“Peter MacKay is able to have his own opinion, but he wasn’t a candidate. He wasn’t campaigning. I think we did everything we possibly could. Absolutely, we have to learn from the results from this election, we have to own the results and there will be a strong post-mortem over what occurred, but let’s not lose focus on the results. We have a million more votes than we had before. We won the popular vote. We reduced a very strong majority to a minority government.”

Some past Conservative MPs and Senators have also criticized Scheer and said he needs to go. Notably however, no current MP has called for Scheer’s removal or resignation.

That said, with Scheer facing a leadership review at the upcoming Conservative convention, he can ill afford for the voices of criticism to become louder and louder.

Spencer Fernando

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Beverley Campbell

I would like to respond to this, towards the beginning of the run up to the election I re-read Jean Crethien’s book written in retirement, he attributed his win to the publication of the RED BOOK which clearly spelled out Liberal plans, I wrote to everyone that I could think of to tell them to publish a BLUE BOOK with the plans the Conservatives had and planned to carry out, I NEVER RECEIVED SO MUCH AS A ‘RECEIVED YOUR EMAIL”, i BLAME THE ELECTION LOSS DIRECTLY ON THOSE WHO DID NOT REVEAL A SPECIFIC PLAN TO THE VOTING PUBLIC.


I say, don’t bring me a problem, bring me the solution to the problem.
Peter is not offering anything constructive.

Sherry Telle

Easy to criticize after the fact. I doubt McKay would have garnered nearly the support Scheer has. McKay has a shifty not to be trusted air about him.

old white guy

That would apply to every politician every elected.

Readers hubby

Let’s keep in mind the press purchased by the liberals. Regardless of his many failings, Trudeau’s purchase of mainstream media helped him hold onto a leadership he doesn’t deserve. Scheer is a far better person and the media did their level best in highlighting his very few flaws. Scheer could have endlessly dragged Trudeau through the mud, reminding Canadians of the damages inflicted on Canadian laws, security, loss of business, public embarrassments, to name a few. Trudeau engaged in mudslinging and low brow politics. For some reason that defies common sense, Trudeau still managed to pull in votes. Our only… Read more »


Scheer didn’t gain most of those million votes, Trudeau lost them. Any kind of a believable leader would have dropped the Liberals close to the few seats they had at the last election. This was Scheer’s election to win and he seemed to push it away, almost like he was scared to win. Has he ever raised his voice in anger or even joy in all his life? Not the leader I want.


That’s simplistic. Harper had an election for the taking in ’04 but lost.

shawn harris

The conservatives performed very well going up against Trudeau’s bought off media, but they failed to offer a strong and compelling enough vision to cause the Liberals to abandon Trudeau and choose Scheer and the conservatives.Social issues are just a over hyped distraction used to undermine the conservatives during the election and are now still being used to undermine Scheer. Possible solutions to defeat Trudeau and the Liberals , wait for Trudeau to revert back to his arrogant way of governing Canada and Canadians, that might just split the Liberals enough to cause their defeat. Or, Scheer could play up… Read more »

Stephen Carter

A conservative win in Canada is an uphill struggle agst gale force headwinds. Makes me realize what an achievement Harper’s wins were. Canada has morphed from a center left nation 10 yrs ago to a far left nation now. The current Liberal leader will stay PM for another 4+ years. By then the Cdn $ will trade at .48 to .52 to the USD, lower than the Aussie. The coming recession will crater Canada’s economy.


You can thank the education system for that.
Oh and the unions. Sad state of affairs.

John Warner

The Conservative vultures circling Scheer need to give their heads a shake. They elected a leader whose personal religious beliefs hampered his perceived ability to support womens’ and gay rights, making him vulnerable. Historically, religious intervention into secular affairs has proven deadly to our species, and should be banned, avoided, shunned. If a leader cannot leave religious convictions at home, then they are vulnerable to attack and could also prove dangerous. Blind obedience to religious dogma, formulated by spiteful, ignorant ‘leaders’ hundreds of years ago does not fit in our modern world.

Brian Dougan

Down with Christian “religious dogma!” Let’s hear it for abortion; sodomy; divorce, and increased levels of suicide. Yayyyyyy!!!! Down with the family! Down with Christian morality! Away with every moral restraint…I am the god of my own life!! Eliminate all of those “dangerous” religious leaders! Give us more of the anti-Christian Trudeau! This is a post-Christian; godless society. The results are obvious, and predictable.

Lance Boyle

What MacKay is saying is the Scheer is not globalist enough for his liking and he [MacKay] is a better globalist and, of course, should be the next leader.

MacKay buddy, on the Mulroney-Tool Scale, you left at a 6 and you are at 8 now. Just leave.