Former U.S. National Security Adviser Warns Canada About Huawei

One of the few areas of bipartisan consensus in our close U.S. ally is a recognition of the danger posed by Communist China. Those are warnings Canada must heed.

Susan Rice, the former U.S. National Security Advisor in the Obama Administration, is warning Canada not to let Huawei into our 5G networks.

Rice made the remarks during an interview on The National on the danger posed by Canada (a 5 eyes intelligence sharing alliance member along with the US, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK) letting Huawei spread in Canada:

“It’s hard for me to emphasize adequately without getting into classified terrain how serious it is. It gives the Chinese the ability, if they choose to use it, to access all kinds of information. Civilian intelligence, military, that could be very, very compromising. So as much as I disagree with the Trump administration on a number of things, on this I believe they are right.”

This is a very important warning.

There are almost zero areas of bipartisan agreement in Washington D.C., so the fact that both Trump and Obama Administration officials agree on the threat posed by China tells you it’s a very real threat.

Canada needs to stop playing this pathetic and dangerous game of pandering to Communist China, and we must immediately ban Huawei for the safety of the Canadian People. Canada needs to stand with our allies who share our values, not a Communist State that opposes what we believe in.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube