Former U.S. National Security Adviser Warns Canada About Huawei

One of the few areas of bipartisan consensus in our close U.S. ally is a recognition of the danger posed by Communist China. Those are warnings Canada must heed.

Susan Rice, the former U.S. National Security Advisor in the Obama Administration, is warning Canada not to let Huawei into our 5G networks.

Rice made the remarks during an interview on The National on the danger posed by Canada (a 5 eyes intelligence sharing alliance member along with the US, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK) letting Huawei spread in Canada:

“It’s hard for me to emphasize adequately without getting into classified terrain how serious it is. It gives the Chinese the ability, if they choose to use it, to access all kinds of information. Civilian intelligence, military, that could be very, very compromising. So as much as I disagree with the Trump administration on a number of things, on this I believe they are right.”

This is a very important warning.

There are almost zero areas of bipartisan agreement in Washington D.C., so the fact that both Trump and Obama Administration officials agree on the threat posed by China tells you it’s a very real threat.

Canada needs to stop playing this pathetic and dangerous game of pandering to Communist China, and we must immediately ban Huawei for the safety of the Canadian People. Canada needs to stand with our allies who share our values, not a Communist State that opposes what we believe in.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Guess who will do the exact opposite.


Based on past performance and considerable clear evidence, do not be surprised to hear from The Globe or some other trusted Canadian source that Trudeau has bypassed Parliament and the wishes of the Canadian people, AGAIN, and signed a multi-decade contract with his Communist Chinese donors. The safety, well being and security of Canada is not very high on his list of concerns. Pakistani jihadist Bank balances – MATTER.


But “they” voted communist loving lieberals back in, who have spent millions of our tax dollars to get back on the Chinese communist UN security council and anyway I have read that “they” have already started to have this installed in Canada? as we are globalists, soon to have no country.

shawn harris

Our nation’s security and sovereignty is both sacrosanct and existential, that to disregard sound advice and warnings of threats from our enemies, is to show weakness and extremely bad judgement. And, Trudeau has shown this poor judgement when it comes to Canada’s security and sovereignty. He has already sold off to the Chinese sensitive communications equipment that both Canada and American militaries relied upon for secure communications. And the very poor treatment he gives to our military and veterans, Canada and our allies shows that he isn’t really interested o much as enhancing our security, as he is in being… Read more »

Clive Edwards

“Canada must stand with our allies who share our values….” Really? Who are these “allies”? And more importantly, “what values”? Is it a Canadian value to steal from the citizens in taxes and lives to spend on wars overseas? To prop up foreign dictators, when we seem to have a few of our own we haven’t dealt with? To pay for “depopulation” overseas in the name of the women and the children? Never mentioned are the men who work to support these women and children. Is it a Canadian value to have a military that must ask permission of the… Read more »

Barbara Nichols

Didn’t Trudeau get the message that most Canadians are clearly not interested in his agenda? Yes, we want to improve our environment and have a greener economy, however we need clean non-leaded and chemically polluted water here and now.