Honouring Indigenous Veterans

Remembering the sacrifices that bring all Canadians together.

November 8th marks Aboriginal Veterans Day, where Canadians honour Indigenous Veterans who put on the uniform and stood for the freedom of all Canadians.

It is believed that 12,000 Indigenous Canadians served in WWI, WWII, and the Korean War.

With our country increasingly divided, we can remember the sacrifices made by Canadians of all backgrounds for the freedom and survival of our nation, and this can inspire us to fight for a Canada where no region is taken advantage of, where all Canadians have economic opportunity, and where we actually strengthen our armed forces and ensure Canada is safe.

Below, you can see some videos honouring both past Indigenous Veterans, and Indigenous Canadians who continue to bravely serve our nation:

“This is Ghislain Cotton. He will represent Indigenous CAF members as the Eagle Staff bearer in overseas ceremonies marking the 75th anniversary of the Italian Campaign.

Their faces tell the story—explore our Faces of Freedom. #Italy75 #CanadaRemembers


“Today on Aboriginal Veterans Day, we salute the more than 12,000 brave Indigenous men and women who have served our country over the years.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter