LISTEN: Bobby Orr Defends Don Cherry, Says “What They Did To Him Up There Is Disgraceful”

“I know grapes better than anyone. He’s not a bigot and he’s not a racist.”

While Ron MacLean and Sportsnet disgracefully threw Don Cherry under the bus, hockey Icon Bobby Orr is defending him.

Speaking on the radio, Bobby Orr said “I know Grapes better than anyone. He’s not a bigot and he’s not a racist. What they did to him up there is disgraceful.”

You can listen to Orr’s comments below:

Bobby Orr on Don Cherry (@CoachsCornerDC) fired from Sportsnet: “I know Grapes better than anyone. He’s not a bigot and he’s not a racist”

Orr’s comments are exactly what Ron MacLean should have said, and what Sportsnet should have said.

But instead of giving Cherry the benefit of the doubt, MacLean and Sportsnet threw him under the bus, in a totally cowardly move.

Meanwhile, ‘The Social’ still hasn’t fired Jess Allen, despite her clearly bigoted remarks.

It’s a total double standard, and as Orr said, the treatment of Cherry is disgraceful.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I have no doubt you will be hearing from more Hockey Legends on Don Cherry disrespectful forced exit from his carrier.


Hope you are right, Im not so optimistic, an old white guy is the perfect target and it will shut other whites up too. Im just hoping Bobby, a great man doesnt get taken down for coming to Cherry’s defense…


If all of these happening do not scare the begeesus out of you, you’re not paying attention.
I am grateful to Bobby Ore for not only standing up for his friend, but pointing out to the county that we all need to be concerned about what is going on. The bus seems to be speeding out of control.
As always, thank you for the news Spencer.


Political correctness has been weaponized by the “progressive elites” to control dissent. Wake up Canada!


Bobby Orr is not only the greatest player that ever played the game but he is also a truly humble man who unlike most athletes today never speaks Ill of any human being. When he says the firing of Don Cherry is absolutely disgraceful you know we’ve taken political correctness in Canada to a place where it is slowly but surely destroying what made this country as great as it was. Free speech is no longer free. We can thank our politicians for this. The gun lies at their feet.


Canada is finished. You had the chance to fix things and you went Liberal again. The leftist, PC policies will kill the country. I left 30 years ago and although I am a frequent visitor (3-4 times per year) I can not stand what has happened to the country. My family wonders why I don’t return. I tell them I have a better quality of life in SE Asia, with more freedom and no PC baloney. And since I am an English quebecker I also don’t have to put up with the language nonsense. Good luck.


He disrespected French Canadian players as well as international, Russian for instance .Also disparaged women in hockey . I wonder how that isn’t bigoted and disrespectful?


Biased much . Did you happen to investigate his past disparaging and bigoted comments ? You should . He has a history .
Also isn’t Bobby Orr afraid to lose Any sponsorships ? He is an icon after all . Time will tell .
My opinion

Nolan Diamond

Most, if not all of the outrage, over what Canadian icon Mr. Cherry said, comes from the left wing liberal etc. voters.


It’s great Bobby is in the corner of Don. The bigger problem is these so called Canadian citizens are more than happy loosing all their freedoms and rights.Will people still agree with socialism when the doper finally inn-acts the finishing touches and brings the country down as it has everywhere concerning quality of life.Our ancestors fought and died by the hundreds of thousands so these despicable no minds libtards could enjoy everything they have.