VIDEO: Hypocrite Host On ‘The Social’ Says “You People” Always = Racism, Then Says “You People” Moments Later


For a show called ‘The Social,’ it seems some of their hosts aren’t that great at communicating.

On Twitter, journalist Candice Malcolm has shared another clip from the show, which includes a stunning bit of hypocrisy from one of ‘The Social’s hosts.

In the clip below, the host says that anyone saying “you people” is obviously referring to people of a specific racism, equating the term with racism.

But then, moments later, she uses the term “you people” herself.

“When you’re too stupid to realize that you just called someone racist for saying “you people” then you say “you people” like two minutes later 😂”

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.


I guess she now has to admit that she’s a racist or something?

I mean, this is just insane.

‘The Social’ have been disgracing themselves and making fools of themselves, as they insult Canadians, insult hockey, and then do the exact thing they are supposedly condemning others for.

What a joke.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Thank you For the excellent work on this.
You have made the point crystal clear.


Fire them all as well as the producer. Offensive leftist fascists.


Culture Wars, the left’s and liberals insanity gone amok.. the downfall of Canada…where diversity and political correctness is turning this country into a shitehole country.. and has taken over as those people go insane…. ..

old white guy

What you see on the social is a level of vacuity, ignorance and stupidity that is unquantifiable. You will all see it on many newscasts. They are still on the air as their audience reflects their lack of intellectual ability.

Beverley Campbell

Fortunately, nobody over 30 is watching this excuse for a show anyway, it won’t last long.

Gerri Page

I never watched until that comment and haven’t watched it since. Silly and stupid show.

Gerri Page

“You people” is used many times in conversation but trust the Liberals to twist it around. They got rid of Don but the mouth piece wasn’t fired.