Communist China’s New Ambassador Is Already Threatening Canada

Expect continued pathetic weakness from our politicians in response to China’s arrogance.

China’s new ambassador to Canada is already threatening Canada, warning our country not to pass legislation similar to a US law that pledged support for Hong Kong protesters:

As reported by the Globe & Mail, ambassador Cong Peiwu said the following:

‘“If anything happens like this we will certainly have very bad damage in our bilateral relationship and that is not in the interest of Canada,” envoy Cong Peiwu told reporters at his first major interview with Canadian media.

“We are firmly opposed to any foreign interference.”

This week the U.S. Congress passed legislation to back protesters in Hong Kong and threaten China with possible sanctions, which sources told Reuters that President Donald Trump is expected to sign into law in the coming days.”

As Terry Glavin noted on Twitter, the correct response to the ambassador’s rhetoric is to tell him to shut up and make clear that he will face deportation if he doesn’t stop threatening Canadians:

“This guy should be summoned to the PMOffice and instructed to mind his bloody tone or be immediately deported. No other embassy would get away with threats like this. Beijing is a thug regime. We should Magnitsky the lot of them.”

Others noted Canada should be putting Chinese officials on the Magnitsky sanctions list:

“First test for Canada’s new MFA – will he stand up against China’s threat-based bully diplomacy? Chinese officials responsible for violence against Hong Kong demonstrators and ethnic cleansing in Xinjiang could easily be added to Canadian Magnitsky human rights sanctions list.”

Of course, given the Trudeau government’s and the elites pathetic weakness, we can expect that China’s threats and and aggression will be met with just more pandering and grovelling, which will of course increase the likelihood of our nation getting mistreated even more by China and put more Canadian Citizens at risk.

Spencer Fernando

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Trudeau’s ‘preferred style of government’ from one of his ‘favorite’ countries’ threatening him.
LOL – it doesn’t get any better than this for that fool Trudeau.
What say you know, Justin ?

Robert Abbott

Here we go again more China threats to Canada. Trudeau and company grow some a tell China to leave Canada we will not take kindly to threats. Cut off all trade we can and will manage without them. They will get hungry fast and the all mighty dollars will dwindle just as quickly.


No surprise at all.
I expect this federal government will comply.
O’Canada, I weep for you.


The people in our once Canadian government, don’t even know our history only their own, or what were our traditions here in Canada, laws etc.? The few whose families lived here for generations and should know seem like radical “woke lefty” people or they are Quebec Separatists and dislike English Canada they are only for their own people and not for Canada as a whole, if Quebec was threatened only, as they rule us, they would expect us to support them. But the way I see it is – we need a real Canadian government not this farce that is… Read more »


I think that Canadian government should tell Chinese ambassador to retrieve his rod and immediately pack his bag are return back to China.At the same time our deffence minister should be told to keep his mouth shut as he does not know Chinese government and their intentions.Maybe he should read our former minister’s Lloyd Axworthy’s declaration at UN that was passed during the Bosnian war in former Yugoslavia.

Major Tom

‘Rub a dub dub….three men in a tub’……could threaten Canada…..and Justin would write a check………


I don’t think he really had to worry about it

old white guy

China better be real careful or we’ll huff and we’ll puff and get stoned and go back to sleep.


China can get away with treating Canada this way because out PM dreams of Canada being a communist utopia just like China


Oh yes and trudope has also made Canada into a laughing stock thruout the world and well on our way to becoming a third world country


PRC see Canada as a colony and the federal leadership is beholding.

Brian Dougan

If–when–China decides to “take over” this country….It will be like taking candy from a baby. That seems to be their endgame. The West is their prize. Canada is their trial balloon. Abundant clean air; land; farming; clean water; forests; mineral wealth…petroleum. If Canada doesn’t respond with muscle; (and even it we do) expect a formal invasion at some point. The Muslims pose no threat to them; witness what’s happening to millions of them in China.

Moe S.

Saskatchewan farmland is being bought up by the Chinese. The Chinese farmers are growing crops i.e., wheat and shipping it back to China. The various crops are not for Canadian consumers. What happens in the future when Canadians are in need of food sources and we can’t even grow our own crops because China owns the farmland across the country?


What to expect from a communist regime admirer?