Canada Must Strip Prince Andrew Of His Canadian Military Titles

We are a sovereign country, and in a showdown between the crown and a Canadian government backed by the will of the Canadian People, Canada will win.

A recent report on reveals that disgraced prince Andrew still holds his Canadian military titles, despite having been pushed out of almost all his other royal, business, and charitable duties following his disaster interview on his connections with Jeffrey Epstein:

“But the Queen’s middle son hasn’t yet lost all his official appointments. Despite his close ties to a notorious sex criminal and his own ham-fisted PR efforts, Prince Andrew remains the titular head of three Canadian military regiments, the Department of National Defence (DND) confirms.

“As is the custom, the Duke of York holds the honorary title of Colonel-in-Chief of The Princess Louise Fusiliers, The Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada and the Queen’s York Rangers,” Jessica Lamirande, a DND spokeswoman, wrote in an email.

It took a full week of questions from the National Post for the DND to confirm even that much about the scandal-plagued prince. The department refused to answer any follow up questions on the record. Todd Lane, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan’s press secretary, meanwhile, said the minister wouldn’t comment at all beyond the department’s statement.”

The report also indicates that the government would struggle to rescind his Canadian military roles, as the Queen grants those appointments.

While that may be the case currently, this is a perfect opportunity for Canada to further assert our sovereignty over our own nation.

Nobody outside our country – not even the Queen – should be able to decide who has command over parts of our military. As a free and sovereign nation, Canada must decide who commands sections of our armed forces, and if we want to remove prince Andrew from his roles, then we must be able to do so.

The federal government must take a stand and make it clear that our nation will be removing Andrew from his roles in the military. The Canadian People will stand behind that, and the royal family in the UK will have no choice but to accept that we want Andrew removed, or lose massive support among the Canadian People.

Help share this article and spread the word about the importance of removing prince Andrew from any connection to the Canadian Military.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Only the Queen has that authority as she is still overall sovereign to our lands and country. It would be good for a laugh to see if Trudeau tried.


Do we dare to hope that Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan actually make a decision on his own rather than be a subservient “yes personkind” to Trudeau? Sajjan certainly doesn’t project confidence or strength.

Brian Dougan

Perhaps I’m missing the point; but…Don’t we have bigger worries? This guy is small potatoes.

Brian Dougan

I didn’t give my “worries” comment a context: The Canadian Forces are being starved financially. In that sense; stripping Prince Andrew’s rank doesn’t help our woefully underfunded military. Keeping the military’s shameful treatment foremost in mind, and then turning to Andrew–The Prince should probably lose his rank.

Clive Edwards

Canada making Sovereign decisions? Yes. But not if it delivers us further into the control of the U.S. I personally believe we should be Sovereign enough to leave NATO and the Five Eyes and that South American group the Yanks got us involved with.