Canada’s Increasingly Disloyal Corporate & Political Elites Want To Reward China For Kidnapping Our Citizens

No wonder our country has become so weak.

As reported earlier, former Liberal deputy PM and current head of the Canada Business Council John Manley is calling for a prisoner swap with Communist China.

Manley wants Canada to give up Meng Wanzhou (despite us being required to fulfill a US extradition request) in return for kidnapped Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

As I wrote, that is a terrible idea:

“Manley’s idea is horrendous, and represents the seemingly inherent weakness and submissiveness of Canada’s political and corporate elites.

First of all, Canada has an extradition treaty with the US, so Manley is advocating for Canada to pick China over our democratic US ally (and by far our largest trading partner).

Second, doing a prisoner swap would legitimize China’s tactic of kidnapping Canadians in response to Canada fulfilling our extradition treaty with the US. China would then realize that they could simply kidnap more Canadians whenever they have a dispute with us, leading to more and more Canadians being kidnapped as leverage for China.”

Unfortunately, Manley’s thinking represents what a large portion of Canada’s political and corporate elite believes. They can’t even conceive of a world in which Canada is strong and stands up for ourselves, and their first instinct is to simply surrender and give China what it wants.

Additionally, the corporate and political class just want the whole dispute with China to ‘go away,’ so they can get back to profiting from trade with China while selling out our nation piece by piece and throwing our values in the trash.

As I said on Twitter, the corporate and political elites increasingly appear to lack any sense of basic loyalty towards Canada, and the Canadian People must not put up with it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube