GOSSIP GUYS: After Seeking To Placate Trump In Person, Trudeau Appears To Be Laughing About Him Behind The Scenes

Apparently a long press conference is more shocking than Trudeau being unwilling to ensure his own country is defended.

There’s been a repeated pattern with Justin Trudeau, where he talks tough about Trump when Trump isn’t around, but when he actually sees Trump in person Trudeau all of a sudden appears a bit jumpy, nervous, and seeks to placate Trump.

Consider these two videos:


Notice how Trudeau seems almost desperate to give Trump an answer that Trump will like, and seems jumpy. He even gives a false number for Canada’s defense spending.

Now, take a look at this second clip:

Trudeau should obviously know that the cameras are still on him at a public event like that. Yet, he seems to be having a good time apparently joking about Trump’s press conference.

Considering the context of the NATO summit, Trudeau is shockingly out of touch.

By now, Trump’s freewheeling style is no longer a surprise and is no longer really controversial. All these leaders should be used to it by now.

And, you would think that Trudeau’s unwillingness to actually strengthen Canada’s defense spending would be far more controversial. Whatever anyone thinks of Trump, he has increased US military spending, which was already at a high level as a percentage of GDP even under the previous Obama Administration. Nobody can possibly claim the American People aren’t well-defended.

Meanwhile, Trudeau is letting Canada’s armed forces languish, and his claims of increasing defense spending are false, based upon the government changing what is considered defense spending and adding things that weren’t a part of it before.

After Trudeau’s blackface scandal, it was expected by some that he would be more humble on the world stage.

Well, it turns out that didn’t happen. He’s continuing his old pattern of being tough when it doesn’t matter, and being weak and passive-aggressive behind the scenes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Did anyone really think he was going to be someone different than who he has been?
There is no redeeming qualities that I have seen. Can someone honestly name one?


Trudeau took his elder son with on the trip to the NATO summit. Gotta coach the boy, as all the plans are for him to be a future prime minister of Canada. Keep it in the family, dynastic politics.


Gee it would be good if someone who knows how, were to send copies of this to Pres. Trump. The traitor Trudeau with the LIEberal puppeteers are the same as the Democrats, lying and twisting everything around and unfortunately too many people are nonfunctional, easily fooled and this is what the Chinese and UN want them to be.


I am curious to see the budget for the next 4 years regarding the Canadian airbases in the Arctic islands that will have good harbors. The Chinese and Russians likely have most of the logistics figured out and Trudeau doesn’t even know where they might be planning to build.

Current military operations:
Mali – how many Christians have been executed and butchered there in the last few months? What were our soldiers doing?
Nigeria: More Taliban and other Islamic terrorist killings. What were our soldiers doing?

old white guy

Ignorance is bliss, it is a Canadian character trait.

Garlet Farlett

Still asking for more than he can give huh. Just like his dad.

Eric Blair

Trudeau is desperately trying to show these Europeans just how European he is especially when Marcon is there with him. As for Boris joining in… I am a bit surprised.


Justin is a nothing, I repeat a nothing, a complete Bafoon (Bufoon) a childish nincompoop ! I cannot believe the people behind the scene of the Liberal Party has allowed this child to be the PM, I would never vote for the Liberal Party no matter how good the candidate to be a MP is! Regrettably history has shown some good Liberal Governments have serviced Canada! It just a matter of time he will fall being his action at the NATO conference in London England show he has not changed his ways! I just keep say unbloody believable the destruction… Read more »


Canada’s defence spending is ridiculously low. Trudeau doesn’t hesitate to whitewash the numbers, but lies are his first line of self protection and self promotion. We’re in a very vulnerable state and it makes it very easy for global powers to lead Trudeau around by his nose. He completely lacks the common sense needed to lead from a position of power. He also lacks the necessary education and all important comprehension skills to function with clarity and honesty. Military might will see the most well equipped countries thrive in the future. Sadly, Canada has no hope of upping our military… Read more »