Diane Francis Warns Of “The Inevitable Trudeau Recession”

“This guarantees that Canada’s decline will continue…”

In a recent National Post article, highly-respected journalist Diane Francis is warning Canadians of “the inevitable Trudeau recession.”

Francis notes that Trudeau has degraded Canada’s two most important assets: Our relationship with the US, and our natural resources.

Here’s an excerpt:

“As a recession looms, Western Canada will be damaged even more. If the Liberals’ Bills C-69 and C-48 aren’t scrapped, and if exports are not increased through construction of many more pipeline projects, new resource development in the hinterland of the country will disappear. Such projects employ a disproportionate number of Indigenous workers.

Canada’s mining and oil companies have been investing and expanding south of the border or anywhere else than here. Those jobs are lost forever.

A recession will ravage the middle class due to this economic damage and Ottawa’s failure to act on the flood of tens of billions of laundered dollars flowing into Toronto and Vancouver real estate. This has driven up costs, mortgage debt and living expenses.”

With Trudeau damaging Canada’s relationship with the US, and with his policies pushing investment out of Canada’s energy sector and into the United States, Canada is facing a continued decline says Francis:

“Frankly, the only upside is if the minority government falls soon, and a majority government capable of reversing the country’s descent wins. But last week’s Throne Speech panders to the socialists and Quebec separatists who put Trudeau in office, and snubs the West and the economy.

This guarantees that Canada’s decline will continue and a Trudeau recession will be inevitable.”

Francis makes some very important points, and her warning is something we all should heed. You can read her full article at the link below:

Diane Francis: The inevitable Trudeau recession will ravage the West and the middle class

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube