“How Gutless”: Poilievre Slams Morneau For Plan To Avoid Fiscal Update Questions

Fiscal update will be delivered outside Parliament.

The Conservatives have been demanding a Fiscal Update from the Liberals, amid worsening economic data and horrendous job numbers.

And a fiscal update will be delivered, however, in a break with tradition it will be delivered outside of Parliament.

Usually, the fiscal update is delivered in Parliament which provides an opportunity for the Opposition to directly respond to the document and question the Finance Minister.

By delivering it outside Parliament, Bill Morneau will be able to avoid those questions.

On Twitter, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre slammed the move as gutless:

“How gutless. Morneau will give a Fall Economic Update outside of Parliament, so he won’t face questions about rising bankruptcies, unemployment and insolvencies. Trudeau’s tax hikes, red tape and socialism created this hardship. Now he’s trying to hide from it. We won’t let him”

The Liberals will spin the move as avoiding the political circus, but it’s really about avoiding questions. And after an election in which they won fewer votes than the Official Opposition, the Liberals should be showing some humility. But don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The unfortunate thing is a lot of Canadian will not be aware of what the liberals move means.
We know MSM won’t point it out.
Thanks Spencer and Pierre to shine some light on the liberals still trying to hide what is really happening in the country.


Corruption at its finest. Shameless bunch!


I believe that there is any Conservative who can rid us of most of the Corrupt Liberals, including our Idiot Joke of a PM, it is Pierre Poilievre. I sure hope that he decides to run for the next PM of Canada! I know that he will win! What a brilliant Individual!

Don Taylor



The Liberals are even hiding from completing the Throne Speech. It has to be discussed and voted on and the Liberals are terrified they will face a non-confidence motion. Cowards.


When liberals do these things when everyone is in holidays and no one is paying attention, the news is bad and want no investigations or comments on their failure. That budget is for themselves

Malcolm Dutchak

so much for honest open government, typical liberals trying to hid and duck questions, tks Spencer for keeping us informed