Pierre Poilievre Appears To Have Strong Support Among Conservative Base

His combative approach towards the Liberals and the media is what many Conservatives have been looking for.

There’s currently a very interesting debate going on in Conservative circles and on social media.

On the one hand, the political elites are demanding that the Conservatives basically copy the Liberal Party and stop questioning the economic and political establishment.

They say that’s the only path to ‘electability,’ and that the only way the party can win is if they become more like the Liberals.

On the other hand, if you look on social media and in the comment sections of websites like SpencerFernando.com, you can see a very different discussion taking place. There, Conservatives are arguing for a leader who is tougher in pushing back against media bias, and tougher in standing up to the Liberals.

They want people who are good at communicating to the media and to the Canadian Public, not someone who is friendly to the media. After all, those are two very different things.

And there is clearly a desire for a more populist approach, pushing the Conservatives to be a party that can bring both traditional Conservatives and working class Canadians together in a winning coalition, similar to what we saw in the UK with Boris Johnson’s landslide victory.

As noted by J.J. McCullough, the establishment types seem to have no clue what the Conservative base actually thinks:

“It would actually be pretty cool if some of these ultra-establishment characters ran for CPC leader, just to see them get humbled. It would be nice closure to have definitive proof that no, conservatives do not in fact want to be lead by the likes of MacKay, Charest, Lord, etc.”

By contrast, it appears that Pierre Poilievre has substantial and growing support among the Conservative base, as you can see in the results of the Twitter poll below, which had over 5,700 respondents:

Poilievre was far ahead of the pack with 56%, while Ambrose was far behind in second at 27%. Michelle Rempel and MacKay were farther back with 9% and 8% respectively.

And another poll I posted shows a huge rejection of Charest:


Over 3,000 votes, and just 6% saying they would support Charest.


Now, some will point out that these ‘aren’t scientific polls,’ which is of course true. However, it’s basically impossible to get any ‘scientific polls’ done at this point, since leadership races are about selling memberships and appealing to current members, thus the potential voters are unknowable and always in flux.

So, in a situation like that, online sentiment and responses by people on websites can be an effective gauge of sentiment.

Additionally, many – though not all – of the readers on my website and my over 30,000 Twitter followers lean towards the Conservative side of the political spectrum, meaning that a poll result with thousands of respondents is certainly capturing at least a slice of what many Canadian Conservatives think.

With all of that in mind, it seems clear that Pierre Poilievre’s tough approach and willingness to fight back in the media is winning him a lot of support, and could make him surprisingly strong if he chooses to enter the Conservative Leadership race.

Much of the Conservative base is looking for a fighter, and Poilievre certainly fits that role.

Spencer Fernando

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Yes Pierre is our man. He appears to see through the Liberal anti Canadian agenda. PIERRE will with no second thought stand and fight for his convictions which are those of the good citizens of Canada.

Nicola Timmerman

He’s the man! Il a l’affaire.

Eric Blair

And let us not forget that Pierre Poilievre is from Ontario… a province that has not had a PM since 1968. Yeah, about the same length of time the Leafs last won the Stanley Cup. He has tenacity and he won’t back down from the media. Basically, he has what Scheer lacked, in spades.


It’s past high time Conservatives took the gloves off. Pierre Poilievre won’t put up with the leftist “gotcha” propaganda media or sjw liberal finger pointing. He has my vote. Shared.

Brian Dougan

Charest, MacKay et al are re-treads. Same old same old. Flat beer.


Canadians need a PM for Canada. A PM who is law abiding knows the numbers and Firm with Canadian Values we do have them even if Trudeau says don’t. We do not need a Political correct PM. We also do not need a push over when working with other Countries. Pierre Poilievre is great at Finance and you need this to talk openly with the media (most) because they try to spew false info and turn it into a negative for the Conservatives.


How about a real Canadian. One that is not from Quebec.

Michael Graveline

How about Pierre is from Ontario ?


We need to know their platforms so let us pay attention, but yes I certainly like Pierre Poilievre he is a strong man. The CPC needs to clean up it’s house because we need a good strong honest leader that will be listened to, and able to convince all of Canada that they can stop the radical destruction of our country and lets be fair but really stern and tough use common sense, lets hear it. This is going to be a horrible job, Canada is in a huge mess, with little law and order being followed, and huge debt.

Steve Richards

The only option left for Conservatives is to elect a fighter. The whole teaching community from K to University, the media in general, all your unions, etc. and I think to a certain extent a portion of the public sector workers are all Socialists and heading towards Communism. Playing nice does not work with these people. You either capitulate to their demands or they seek to destroy you. Where would the U.S. be if Hillary had won, and for that matter would Canada be in a worse position if she had? Trudeau would be her lap dog. Let’s hope Boris… Read more »


My family thinks I’m nuts when I tell them which books to read so that they can see how close we are to Communism. We are a mere step away. “The Ominous Parallels” by Leonard Peikoff lays it all out. Public Sector employees even know this. Thank you for your comment – you understand. I just wish more people had this grasp of reality.

Malcolm Dutchak

I think Pierre Poilievre would bring forth the ideas the average conservative voter would want, not a liberal type leader just to win and election, there are reasons why people are conservative and not liberal


pierre poilievre is the best to be the leader .


Might be a good idea to take a few pages out of sockboy’s playbook. He doesn’t want to play fair, you don’t have to.