Globe & Mail Calls Dead Iranian General “An Icon”

Much of the establishment media has been glorifying the dead Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, rather than focusing on his crimes.

The Globe & Mail is facing criticism online, following a headline calling Qassem Soleimani an “icon in Iran.”

Globe & Mail Tweet

Here’s how people responded to the headline:

The Globe & Mail isn’t the only media group seemingly spinning positively for the dead general.

A New York Times reporter posted a “rare personal video” of Suleimani “reciting poetry.”

“This man was a terrorist who murdered hundreds of American soldiers and this New York Times reporter is tweeting out video clips in an apparent effort to humanize him”

Yet again, we see that the establishment media loves to slam Western countries, while praising and often sympathizing with enemies of the West.

Spencer Fernando

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This is why I take issue with a haphazard Government that thinks bringing in people at random, from all over the world with out considering or expecting a clash between them.
But now they are in our county.

Gary major

The US did the world a good turn in my Opinion Maybe the globe and mail should do Canada a FAVOUR and either get it’s facts straight or SHUT_DOWN!


I can’t believe Journalists and regular people who have these thoughts it’s like they are brainwashed as you
can’t believe this way of thinking is human. You see it from our PM but most know there are no morals or Ethics with him. Today Fake Journalists and even our Government in Power are very sick people. Sad days for Canada


I eagerly await Trudeau’s glowing, apologetic eulogy.


Apology?…The Turd will now want to give this murderers family 10 million dollars…POS

Bill D

One should have no special expectations of The Globe and Mail. It’s just another elitist, Liberal, anti-Western publication like the rest of Canada’s media industry. Our national government behaves the same way. There’s another dimension as well: Trump. Whatever he does, good or bad, it’s wrong, and that’s virtually mantra and dogma with the media. What to do. Start by doing nothing that puts so much of a penny into the hands of the media, like The Globe or the networks. As for the latter, don’t add to their viewer stats either as that can enable higher revenue for them.… Read more »

Moe S.

He was the furthest thing from an “Icon.” Here are the facts the Globe prefers not to publish. The guy was the mastermind behind Iran’s global funding of terrorists such as the Taliban, Hizballah, Hamas and the Palestine Islamic Jihad. He was NOT a head of state, President, Prime Minister, or a politician minister of anything. He was a MILITARY COMBATANT!!!


Trash news media’s