La Presse Reports Rona Ambrose Will Not Run For Conservative Leadership

They cite “several conservative sources.”

According to a new report by La Presse, former Conservative Deputy Leader Rona Ambrose will not be running for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Here’s a translation of a relevant section of the La Presse report:

“Despite everything, she prefers not to return to politics on the federal scene. There are persistent rumors that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is juggling the idea of ​​appointing her to the position of Canadian Ambassador to Washington, one of the most important posts in Canadian diplomacy.

“Even though her name has been around for a few weeks, she has made no calls to start an organization. She will not be a candidate. She should confirm her intentions in the coming days, “said a conservative source familiar with Ms. Ambrose’s intentions on Tuesday.”

Of course, nothing can be certain until Ambrose makes her intentions clear herself.

That said, if this is true, it will have a huge impact on the race.

As I recently reported, the National Citizens Coalition conducted the largest Conservative Party Leadership race poll of grassroots Canadian Conservatives, and the results had Ambrose in second place with 31%. She trailed Pierre Poilievre, who had 46%.

As a result, if Ambrose isn’t in the race, Poilievre’s position could become even stronger.

NCC Conservative Leadership Race Poll

Time will tell…

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gary major

Fine with Gary she’s a big a liberal as trudeau!


Rona Ambrose would have been a good leader. She shows a good sense of dignity and class as well as handling herself well in the house. I truly hope with this, Pierre Poilievre, takes the leadership. Any time I have seen him speak in the house he shows to be a “pit-bull” with the liberals and is shows some “real guts”. Just what this country needs.


I really like Rona Ambrose she would make a great PM, but from the very beginning she did not want to be our PM. I do not blame her since our corrupted UN laurention elite and programed lefties really harshly attack anyone Conservative, and Rona Ambrose well knows this well, as does Pierre Poilevre. Pierre Poilievre seems strong and ready to take on these attacks, but what UN blinded Canadians cannot seem to realize is these corrupt attacks by the left takes away from our country, the protection of common sense being applied to whoever is fighting to help get… Read more »


Any conservative leader who helps and cozies up with the Liberals ad Rona Ambrose has done, can never by trusted. Pierre Poilievre is our Man! He is a True Conservative who doesn’t take any Crap from the Liberals, and never will!