REPORT: Pierre Poilievre Dominates Massive Conservative Leadership Poll

With over 25,000 grassroots Canadian Conservatives surveyed, it’s a clear lead for Poilievre.

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre has a big lead in the race for the CPC Leadership.

That’s according to a CPC Leadership race poll conducted by the National Citizens Coalition.

Over 25,000 grassroots Conservatives were surveyed, making it by far the largest Conservative leadership poll conducted.

Here are the results:

NCC Conservative Leadership Race Poll

Pierre Poilievre – 46%

Rona Ambrose – 31%

Michelle Rempel Garner – 10%

Peter MacKay – 10%

Erin O’Toole – 3%

Notably, Jean Charest – who the establishment media keeps pushing – didn’t even make it into the top 5, showing he has almost no support among the Conservative base.

This survey is great news for Poilievre, as it’s the largest and most comprehensive survey we’ve seen, and it shows that he has a ton of support among the Canadian Conservatives who will decide the leadership race.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Pierre Poilievre is seen as a “fighter.” That’s what Canadians want! However, will he fight for lowering the immigration numbers? Will he fight for removing Canada from the UN? Will he fight for Life and rights for the Unborn? Haven’t heard a peep on these things.


As expected, no Conservatives I know on the Island were involved. I don’t know many, but lots of us live in NDP armpits who love high taxes and complete Government control of their lives and are generally ignored by the Cons.


Well that is great news! Maybe we can save the Conservative Party and Canada yet. The BO press here keeps running our favorite Mr. Polievre down as a bull dog and not good at Quebec french so they won’t vote for him etc. yes and pushing their lieberal Conservatives who all agree with the lieberal corrupted pretend governing programing UN concept instead of actually really governing to the benefit of all of Canada. When I heard that the new Wexit Party can run all across Canada, I was thinking if the Conservatives are taken over by the corrupt lieberal Laurentian… Read more »


This is nice seeing Poilievre in the lead, BUT, if the Conservatives don’t reduce the immigration numbers to at least 150,00 a year, or even less / as ‘needed by Canada, and gets us OUT of the UN Global Migration Compact, and cuts a LOT of foreign aid – especially to countries that DON’t need it – my vote stays with Maxime Bernier and the PPC, like last time. I’d only vote Conservative IF they do the above, and ONLY if I thought that Bernier had no chance of winning, and FINALLY turfing out that idiot Trudeau….

Gary major

Both Charest/Ambrose are liberals in Garys opinion and Pierre Poilievre is the only viable candidate for the Conservative Leadership !


Conservatives need some new blood not Peter MacKay.

don morris

Now that Ambrose has declared she is OUT, it should be a two way race, Polievre versus McKay. Let us hope CPC members have the common sense to NOT vote for McKay, yesterday’s man, Power Corp. flunky, and tainted in the view of Eastern Canada voters by his years in Harper’s Cabinet. Polievre or Rempel have a fighting chance against Gerald Butts and his dummy,Justin Woodhead, the others, not a chance.
Best candidate imo is Erin O’Toole, a guy who has actually accomplished something outside the realm of politics, but realistically he doesn’t have a hope with today’s voters.