Peter MacKay To Announce Run For CPC Leader

MacKay will be a formidable candidate in the race, with high name-recognition and having served multiple roles in the Harper government.

Former PC Party leader and top cabinet member in the Harper government Peter MacKay is set to announce a run for Conservative Party Leader.

Multiple reports indicate MacKay will make his announcement on social media, before holding an official event in the upcoming days.

Peter MacKay will have a strong base in the Maritimes, and has some appeal among both former PC Party members and some Conservative Party members.

MacKay also has strong name recognition, a record of supporting the military, and standing behind Canada’s allies.

Additionally, MacKay has already clashed with possible CPC candidate Jean Charest, pushing back on Charest’s support for China.

“At one point, Charest sided with China during a forum discussion with Peter MacKay, while MacKay made clear that he would always side with a democracy like the US over China.”

Earlier, Rona Ambrose announced that she wouldn’t be running. At this point, the front-runner is Pierre Poilievre, who seems to have the strongest connection to the Conservative base. Still, MacKay is no lightweight, and he will be a formidable entrant into the race.

Spencer Fernando

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Gary major

Nope we need someone already a MP Pierre Polivire is still my choice !

Miles Lunn

He might win leadership, certainly as mentioned a formidable campaigner. As someone from the PC side he can make the argument he can expand the party’s tent by doing better in Atlantic Canada and now residing in the GTA helping the party expand in those two areas. Likewise if Charest enters, there is a good chance a lot of his second choices will go to MacKay. At same time because he served loyally in the Harper government and was one of the architect’s of the merger, I don’t think the base minds him unlike they do with Charest.

Miles Lunn

For all those down thumbing and suggesting party needs Poilievre I ask this question, how will Poilievre win a general election. As last two elections showed, base provides a strong foundation, but it is not enough to win so you need to appeal to people beyond it. I don’t think party should focus on those on the left who would never vote Tory, but there are still plenty of swing voters. The two groups party must focus on are: 1. Those that voted Conservative in 2011, but went elsewhere in 2015 and 2019; how can we win them back? 2.… Read more »

William Peter Gravel

Miles Lunn not to belittle your opinion or comments, but I remind you when Peter McKay was running for leader of the new merged party, correct me if I’m wrong but due to Peter running 3 MP’s cross the floor to the Liberals, and many Senators also crossed and one senator and Joe Clark sat as Progressive Conservative ! This certainly not a sign of confident for Peter which he lost the race , also the party base strength is made through performance, also how many had held their nose and made their “X”, and further what is the strength… Read more »

William Peter Gravel

Miles Lunn you got my mind going and what has come up of other facts to consider:::: -Jean Charest left the Conservative party what 20 years ago, it has changed to the better! -Charest is still being investigated on charges of corruption from when he was the Liberal Preimer of Quebec. -Peter McKay has said he would not run for the leadership if Charest was to run. Lisa Raitt former MP has said “that Charest potential run was an important development in the Conservative leadership race” whatthe hell?? -Here is a surprise do you remember Tom Mulcair former leader of… Read more »

Miles Lunn

All of those crossings happened after the merger, none before so those were over the merger with the Alliance not over MacKay’s leadership. Had he not merged the two parties they would have stayed in PCs. Like with any merger some will always be unhappy. Jason Kenney had same problem in Alberta when he merged two parties, he lost a few members too, but still won in end. Whenever you merge two parties, you never get sum of support, some will always defect, but what is the key is does merger result in a greater level of support than each… Read more »

Lance Boyle

Peter MacGlobalist. NO THANKS


Awesome, a great idea. At least he is not as much of a globalist and pro immigration as the rest of the candidates will or or are.


Pierre yes…Peter no…hell no!

Garlet Farlett

Ugh…… that is all…..

alan skelhorne

no one likes a quitter, give me p p anytime.

William Peter Gravel

NO, NO, NO, dig back in your memories Peter McKay only strength was in the merger of the two parties, and had no backing from the new party as the leader! He held many very important ministries and did the job, but each had its controversies due to his arrogance and mouth problems! How about the Military Helicopter for his fishing trip, and on, and on! Peter and Justin are from the same tribe of politicians, family back ground in politics, born with a golden spoon in their mouths, considered untouchable etc! Through out his political career a history of… Read more »

William Peter Gravel

Should also have mentioned Peter also packed his saddle for the 2915 election knowingly the failing anticipated of the party and his own loss in his riding, yes probably to keep a so called clean sheet to fightanother day?
Yes as many have said Pierre Pollivire is the man for leader, Class, Well spoken, Know How articulate a good factual argument, and on, and on, good luck, Cheers