Peter MacKay To Announce Run For CPC Leader

MacKay will be a formidable candidate in the race, with high name-recognition and having served multiple roles in the Harper government.

Former PC Party leader and top cabinet member in the Harper government Peter MacKay is set to announce a run for Conservative Party Leader.

Multiple reports indicate MacKay will make his announcement on social media, before holding an official event in the upcoming days.

Peter MacKay will have a strong base in the Maritimes, and has some appeal among both former PC Party members and some Conservative Party members.

MacKay also has strong name recognition, a record of supporting the military, and standing behind Canada’s allies.

Additionally, MacKay has already clashed with possible CPC candidate Jean Charest, pushing back on Charest’s support for China.

“At one point, Charest sided with China during a forum discussion with Peter MacKay, while MacKay made clear that he would always side with a democracy like the US over China.”

Earlier, Rona Ambrose announced that she wouldn’t be running. At this point, the front-runner is Pierre Poilievre, who seems to have the strongest connection to the Conservative base. Still, MacKay is no lightweight, and he will be a formidable entrant into the race.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube