Former Chretien Liberal Era Figure Wants To Legitimize China’s ‘Hostage Diplomacy’ With Prisoner Exchange

“Have we not heard quite enough from these shameless quislings yet,” asks journalist Terry Glavin in response to Chretien official Eddie Goldenberg’s call for a prisoner exchange.

Yet another former top Liberal official is calling on Canada to surrender to China’s hostage diplomacy tactics.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “A second political figure from the Jean Chrétien era is urging Canada to swap Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou for two Canadians detained in China in a “prisoner exchange.”

Eddie Goldenberg, who served as chief of staff to Mr. Chrétien when he was prime minister, is calling on the Canadian government to conduct the trade. He has outlined his proposal in an article published in The Globe and Mail.”

Previously, Jean Chretien’s former Deputy PM John Manley called for a prisoner exchange:

“Last month, John Manley, who served as deputy prime minister under Mr. Chrétien, also proposed the same solution. Mr. Manley’s career after politics includes a directorship at Telus Communications Inc., which uses equipment from Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. in a portion of its wireless network.”

This is what we’ve repeatedly seen and heard from Canada’s corporate and political elites. While the overwhelming majority of the Canadian People want a tough approach towards Communist China, the elites (often because of their own financial interests) want Canada to give in to China’s ruthless tactics.

David Mulroney, the Canadian Ambassador to China, slammed Goldenberg’s proposal, noting it “would legitimize Beijing’s “hostage diplomacy” tactics,” and called it “disingenuous.”

‘“Mr. Goldenberg’s argument is disingenuous in the extreme. He suggests that Canada’s adherence to the rule of law should be conditional, made to conform with whatever it will take to persuade China to release our kidnapped Canadians. But once you make the rule of law conditional, you no longer have the rule of law,” he said.”

On Twitter, journalist Terry Glavin summed things up perfectly:

“The vileness of this. “Mr. Goldenberg predicts a get-tough approach would fail as well.” Have we not heard quite enough from these shameless quislings yet?”

“Goldenberg, Manley and Chretien are the weaklings who curry favour with the bully by holding you down while he smashes your face.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube