Canada Will Leave Iraq If Iraq Demands It Says Sajjan

Defence Minister says government is “listening” to concerns of Iraqi government.

Canadian troops will leave Iraq if the Iraqi government demands it says Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan.

Sajjan said “obviously the Iraqi government has concerns,” and he told reporters that Canada and our allies were “listening to those concerns” and seeking to address them.

Added Sajjan, “We are there at the request of the Iraqi government. If they were to change that, we do have to respect that.”

Sajjan says ISIS still poses a threat:

“rest assured that one of the things we have discussed is that we need to continue on this mission because … even though they do not control territory, they (ISIL) pose a risk in the region.”

As I’ve said before, Canada should already be leaving Iraq. It’s become increasingly clear that Iraq no longer wants troops in the country. More importantly, Canada is unable to even defend our own Northern territory, even as China and Russia build up their arctic military presence:

“Simply put, Iraq is becoming an Iranian proxy state, and there’s no need for Canadians to be put at risk on the ground for a nation that quite honestly doesn’t want us there.

Additionally, our military is basically in tatters, with worn out equipment meaning Canada can’t justify putting our under equipped troops in danger.

Finally, our own northern territory is basically undefended. With China and Russia building up their arctic forces, and seeking a piece of the potential trillions of dollars in wealth waiting to be unlocked in the region, it’s clear that our national interest would best be served by focusing our money and resources on strengthening our forces here at home within our own borders.”

So, Sajjan is right to be saying that Canada will leave if Iraq demands it. But we shouldn’t even be waiting for that. It’s time to leave now and protect our own country here at home.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube