Conservative Front-Runner Pierre Poilievre Expresses Support For Gay Marriage

Poilievre also says neither government bills nor private members bills on abortion would be passed under a Conservative government led by him.

With the largest leadership race poll in the country showing him a clear front-runner, and with much of the Conservative base already expressing support for him, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre is sharing his views on the social issues that Andrew Scheer struggled to articulate in the last campaign.

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In an interview with La Presse, Poilievre said he supports gay marriage, and said that a Conservative government led by him would not introduce a bill on abortion. Additionally, he says a private members bill on abortion would not be allowed to be passed.

Notably, Poilievre’s position on abortion appears to track closely with how Stephen Harper governed, repeatedly saying the abortion debate would not be re-opened and ensuring that no private members bills on abortion were passed in the House of Commons.

And when it comes to gay marriage, the Conservative Party membership voted at a recent convention to remove the party’s past opposition to gay marriage from their official policy statement, meaning Poilievre is onside with many Conservative Party members, and the Canadian People on that issue.

Here’s a translation from French of part of the La Presse interview:

‘“I support gay marriages. Period. I voted against 15 years ago. But I learned a lot, like millions and millions of people across Canada and around the world. I find that the gay marriage is a success. The institution of marriage must be open to all citizens, regardless of their sexual orientation, “said the voluble member from the outset in an interview with La Presse .

And on abortion, he said that a possible Conservative government he would lead would never introduce a bill on this issue. But he would go further by ensuring that no project from me, even a private one, was adopted either.

“This is my position,” he said.”

Poilievre also said a decision on a leadership run is “imminent.”

This interview demonstrates one of Poilievre’s strengths so far. With his effective communication, strong use of social media, and toughness against the biased establishment media and Trudeau government, Poilievre has demonstrated the fighting attitude most Conservatives are looking for. At the same time, he’s making sure that he remains someone who is electable among a wide swath of Canadians. That’s a tough move to pull off, and Poilievre’s success bodes well for both his leadership race chances and his chance to defeat the Trudeau Liberals and become Prime Minister.

Spencer Fernando

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