Report: Trudeau Government Seeks To Give United Nations Contract To Non-Profit Chaired By Former Lib MP Allan Rock

The contract is for “security council training,” even though the government has no idea if Canada will win the seat.

According to a Global News report, the Trudeau government is set to give a big contract for United Nations related work to a non-profit group that just so happens to be chaired by former Liberal MP Allan Rock.

“The Trudeau government is seeking to award a $120,000 sole-sourced contract for “security council training” to a company chaired by former Liberal MP Allan Rock.

According to a government notice, the contract is to provide Global Affairs staff with specialized training for countries preparing for membership on the United Nations Security Council.”

As I wrote previously, this is a total waste of money:

“This is a total waste of money.

What the hell do we have a foreign affairs department for if we need to pay an organization from another country to train our personell?

And why is the government so obsessed with the UN seat?

The UN is increasingly proving itself to be a broken and corrupt organization, and a seat on the Security Council has no real influence. After all, Canada would simply vote alongside the US and against China/Russia on all big measures, but since those countries have vetoes, even a surprise vote by Canada would just be shut down.

Canada’s government should be spending money on the Canadian People, not pursuing a useless UN seat.”

Now, the fact that they’re seeking to give the contract to a company chaired by a former Liberal MP seems to be total arrogance on the part of the Liberal government, who seem to think they can get away with anything despite having a minority government.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Allen Rock one of my favourite libs from the past…..ya feed his group some tax bux even if it will go no further than some other libs.#@ the trough.


trudeua is above the nation , he is a “brotherhood of man” cultist


Nothing has changed. More Trudeau lies.

Major Tom

Grease……and it ain’t the movie………Palm…….and it ain’t no tree…….


The Liberals have a minority, but they can operate as if they have a majority because they are in bed with the Bloc. As long as they meet the Bloc’s demands, the Bloc will provide the votes for any and all of Trudeau’s hare-brained policies.


Does the CPC, NDP, and Quebec s Block Party want a seat on the UN’s security council? If not why can’t they all put together a stop to this waste of money? The lieberals have a minority, why haven’t they made a move to stop this waste of money? Are all our politicians in favour of this travisty? I would love to know as this would prove to me that Canadians have lost their democratic rights that none of our rulers support Canadians??? and why even bother pretending to have elections and it is past time we started fighting for… Read more »

Don P.

Ah, Alan Rock – The same Liberal joker whom managed to orchestrate the previous Liberal Billion-dollar Boondoggle formerly known as the Long-gun Registry!! Trudeau yet again chooses put another incompetent Minister in charge of a Gov’t file… When are Canadians going to recognize this pattern??!!!


Remember Trump got out of UN..AND Trudeau has lately voted against Trump on Iran..on sanctions on Israel..formed an alliance with Gerny/ US. He sidescwith China and terrorist regimes


Hasn’t Trudeau ruined Canada sufficiently for the United Nations to get a seat?


Liberal cheque writing gone wild…..

shawn harris

The Trudeau government has proven beyond any reasonable doubt, that they are incapable of delivering value for money spent. And just what is the point of being able to get a seat on the security council, knowing that the permanent members have vetoes that make Canada’s vote meaningless and worthless.
Canada’s foreign policy and international standing shouldn’t be socialist ideology driven, it should be principled and should be supportive of our allies. This is just another hypocritical vanity trip by Trudeau to sooth his massive ego.

Gary Pawson

The same old, same old! As with that OBTUSE Monument to the Bought & Paid For, jokingly referred to as the Senate. Take care of your friends, even if you have to ‘PAY” for them, or promote them way above their capabilities! Do & SAY anything you have to, so as to remain in power and/or control. Most importantly however, is to ‘Make’ yourself & your friend’s even better off than when you first slithered into the position to be able to pay off. What’s best for the political ‘gang’ & it’s member’s & buddies both past & present .… Read more »