Trudeau Liberals Spending More Taxpayer Dollars On UN Security Council Bid

They’re hiring ‘trainers’ for Canadian officials at the United Nations – even before they know who wins the seat.

The Trudeau Liberals are spending even more of our taxpayer dollars on the worthless bid for a UN Security Council seat.

According to the CP, the government is going to award a contract valued at $120,000, to hire ‘trainers’ for Canadian personnel at the UN.

The idea is to “address thematic and country priorities of interest to Canada in its preparation for a seat on the council.”

The contract is being awarded to the Security Council Report, an American organization.

Notably, it appears the contract is totally jumping the gun, since Norway and Ireland are also vying for the seat.

Of course, the government is trying to spin it, with a spokeswoman saying “This training will enhance Canada’s ability to engage multilaterally on key global security issues relating to the UN Security Council’s work. It will be valuable irrespective of the result of the June vote.”

This is a total waste of money.

What the hell do we have a foreign affairs department for if we need to pay an organization from another country to train our personell?

And why is the government so obsessed with the UN seat?

The UN is increasingly proving itself to be a broken and corrupt organization, and a seat on the Security Council has no real influence. After all, Canada would simply vote alongside the US and against China/Russia on all big measures, but since those countries have vetoes, even a surprise vote by Canada would just be shut down.

Canada’s government should be spending money on the Canadian People, not pursuing a useless UN seat.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gerri Page

He is giving away our money without stopping like it is Christmas every day. I am so sick of Harry and Meghan in our faces everyday in the papers, news media and with Trudeau like long lost buddies. Shows what a dimwit Harry is and wish they never came to Canada because now it will cost us millions for two commoners now. JT has to go.


Yes I still say Canada needs a real Canadian government to carefully govern, protect and care equally for All Canadians in this our sovereign country as elected to do. When they divide and sell us out and give us to ? the UN or China or? they are traitors.

Clive Edwards

As a good friend said recently, the way to achieve a more secure world is to disband both the UN and NATO. I agree, and would add the EU to the groups that need disbanding. They are all creatures of globalization..

Donald O'Kane

I say forget the UN and pull out of this fascist organization. DO NOT spend any more of our money on their programs.


It will come as a complete shock to Trudeau if he ever discovers or is told that there are Canadians he is responsible for. He has no right or mandate to be more concerned about the rest of the world. Try looking after stuff at home. Damn it, this jerk is maddening.


Except that there’s no way to hold him to account. His particular position affords him the right to do pretty much as he wishes so long as he doesn’t displease his real handlers. We are the last people he cares about.

Gary major

How can the trudeau GVT. do this unilaterally ? It’s a minority GVT where’s the opposition on this?


Unfortunately, we have two Corrupt Party Buddies of Trudeau. The NDP and the Bloc Quebecois both support Trudeau, so he always seems to have a majority government. Corrupt Parties, who are not in Government for Canadians always stick together. With Corruption, it takes one to know one, ALWAYS!


This is his exit strategy buy a seat at the UN with taxpayer money then hand the reins over to Freeland and walk away before a non confidence vote is called.


He’s never had to worry about his next meal. Everything got handed to him on a silver platter. And you try getting anywhere near the starting gate for position of President or Prime Minister anywhere else in the Western world without any employment.