Woman Admits Being Paid $150 To Hold Pro-Meng Wanzhou Sign

So much for being a bunch of spontaneous ‘activists.’

As I wrote recently, those pro-Meng Wanzhou ‘activists’ really seemed like paid protesters.

And now, that’s been confirmed.

According to a report by News 1130, a woman has come forward admitting that she was paid $150 to hold a sign in favour of Meng, but now feels terrible about it:

“I would like to apologize for the ignorance,” said this woman. “I should have done my research. I should have put 10 minutes into searching what this was. I didn’t, and I apologize for standing up for something that, in my own morals and in my own heart, I wouldn’t have done this if I had known the trial, the case, and more about Meng and what was going on.”

This woman said she was paid the $150 by an Asian woman in her 30s wearing all black named “Joey,” but has no further information about who “Joey” is or who she is affiliated with.”

News 1130 granted the woman anonymity, but has confirmed that she was one of the individuals holding a sign at the protest.

This is not a huge surprise. The protest looked staged from the beginning, with the attendees holding signs with only one style of writing on them, and being unwilling to answer even the most basic of questions.

The fact is, there isn’t some big groundswell of support for Meng Wanzhou in Canada, and Canadians are fed up with China’s aggressive actions against us. At this point, any show of ‘support’ for the Communist State is undoubtedly fake and rigged ahead of time.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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For many their occupation or source of income are that of being a paid protester. These individuals have no interest in educating themselves with regard to the issues or concern for the negative message they send. All part of the corrupt anti canadian movement.


Yes Allis anti-canadian movement by our own people shame on them.They are nothing but Traitors.

Nolan Diamond

Good to read a pro Meng Wanzhou protestor, admitting being paid, plus she now knows the truth/threat of communist China.


Trudope should smarten up, if that is possible, and cut all ties with Communist China!


Or possible for the boy “to smarten up”. Dumb forever!!!!!!!!


Yes there is a lot of no brains traitors around that would sell their mother for money.They are so smart constantly looking into their Iphone ,yet they have no common sense of what is right or wrong.

Gary major

And the house of cards slowly sinks in the west !


The communist Chinese government sees Canada as an emerging offshore colony. It is full of the dimwitted and lazy that combined with the boot licking leadership in Ottawa can be easily manipulated.