WATCH: Pro-Meng Wanzhou ‘Activists’ REALLY Seem Like Paid Protesters

Won’t say what organization they’re with, don’t know what their signs mean, won’t say if they’re getting paid. Hmmm…

Outside of Meng Wanzhou’s extradition hearing, there was a small gaggle of pro-Meng ‘activists.’

The ‘activists’ attempted to portray their presence as a ‘spontaneous’ expression of support for Meng.

Yet, it REALLY seems like they were paid protesters.

Journalist Bob Mackin asked the assembled group a few easy questions like, “what organization are you with,” “why are you here,” and “are you being paid to be here?”

Their answers were hilariously bad, or even non-existent.

You can watch the video below:

“Outstanding work by @bobmackin. Just basic journalism really — asking simple questions out of curiosity — but it’s practiced by so few people these days. My own guess: @Huawei_Canada hired them from a temp agency. They literally don’t even know what their signs mean.”

“Happening now: students parroting the message of ex-Chrétien chief of staff Eddie Goldenberg await Meng Wanzhou’s arrival at the Law Courts. Are they paid to be here?”

The most likely explanation here is exactly what Levant said: Huawei Canada paid those people to be there. Considering that Huawei Canada is simply a tool of the Chinese Communist Party, it would be easy enough for them – or an organization connected to them – to pay some chumps to hold up their signs.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Probably paid by Trudope!


This is disgraceful, silliness but being done around the world. The signs could say puppets hired for phony radical communists causes and should be banned so we don’t have to question and wonder who hired them or for what purpose. Free speech and protest is great and useful when sensible knowledgeable ideas, transparency and honesty are used.


Embarrassing for those teens