WATCH: Officials Discuss First Confirmed Coronavirus Case In Canada

The case is a 50-year-old man who travelled to Wuhan in China, then came back to Canada.

With Canada now having our first confirmed case of coronavirus, officials in Ontario are discussing the fact that the outbreak is now in Canada.

You can watch their press conference below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Marvelous… when will the powers that be STOP all flights from China, and connecting flights ?!!!


As we knew would happen, and it should have been blocked, but now they can assure us all that we are all protected, don’t you believe me? Not really.


They said he did not have too much contact with other people, a whole close together plane load breathing recycled air Plus his baggage was handled and in with others baggage and I read somewhere that it was a ten to twelve day gestation period and do they know if they are contagious through that time?

Major Tom

Why is the outbreak…’in Canada…’ and why wasn’t it stopped at the borders?


Are the planes being sanitized and especially the seats he sat in being disinfected? He knew damn well there were problems and restrictions and traveled anyway, ignoring everyone’s concerns. Could he be charged?

Moe S.

This person arrived at Toronto Int. airport three days ago from Wuhan, China. So much for the airport screening for this virus, we were assured would be implemented.


I think it will be hard to contain this virus it mutates rapidly.I’m sure that our scientists will have sleepless nights until they find the solution.God Bless Them,without them we could not even exists.I wish I could help.

Gary major

Talk is cheap I think we want actions!