TRIGGERED: The Left Is Going Nuts After Erin O’Toole Tweets “Take Canada Back”

If O’Toole is already triggering the far-left so early on in his campaign, he’s doing something right.

As I wrote previously, Conservative MP Erin O’Toole’s leadership campaign is off to a strong start.

And in a sign that he’s on the right track, the far-left is already being totally triggered by O’Toole saying it’s time to “Fight” and “Take Canada Back.”

Here’s what the leftists are saying:

Of course, the triggered leftists are ignoring one obvious truth: Repeated polls show the clear majority of Canadians saying the country and society is broken, feel the economy is rigged against them, and feel the government works for the elites, rather than for the People.

So, when O’Toole talks about “Taking Canada Back,” it resonates with millions of Canadians, regardless of what the small number of triggered leftists say.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab


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Don Taylor

Spencer you are right Erin Otoole is on the right to take back our country from corrupt liars and spending idiots in Ottawa,our country has never been so divided,thanks to Turdeau who has made Canada a laughing stock world wide

Robert Abbott

Mr. O’Toole keep it up a great start to your campaign.

Gary major

Chicken little is out in full force today ! Lefty paranoia in full flight ! Canada is broken with this liberal spendthrift GVT Plus the anti oil Pro green people can’t seem to realize our prosperity comes from our resources ! Solar farms WASTE LAND and Wind Turbines kill Millions if not Billions of BIRDS!


The braindead Greens in BC want to be 100% electric in 20 years, but are completely against Site C hydro power. Even the idiot Vancouver City Council wants to convert every building to electric heat. The Province will need about 6 more Site C hydro-generating dams to supply the electricity. The Greens, NDP and Liberals are equally stunned. Are they intending on erecting 35,000 windmill blenders on the Rocky Mountains? Horgan wants to buy expensive solar power from California which doesn’t even have enough for itself. How is that working out for them?


Like I said , hes got my vote

Miles Lunn

Many claim our economy is doing well so proof we don’t need change, but US economy is doing even better and with a president of the opposite ideology of Trudeau and our economy tends to follow a similar trajectory relative to what US does. What is not doing well is divisions in this country are much worse than when Trudeau got in. Problem with left is a lot are intolerant of those with different viewpoints. They cannot accept some don’t share their views and thus get angry country isn’t unified behind them when in fact one of the most important… Read more »

Guy-Paul Roy

I thought that Sheer got more votes than all the others? Did NOT Justine say that changing the VOTE Platform to a more representation system just did NOT fit the Liberals Platform?


Great, Erin O’Toole has the right saying for the next election. “Lets take Canada back”. Good jobs, respected strong families to raise good children, feeling like an ethical country again, together again with borders, keeping our good Canadian traditions and history, etc. will certainly make me proud to be Canadian again, get those pipelines built (I remember Spencer, oil and gas has saved millions of peoples lives across Canada) make us independent and a sovereign nation with common sense again and will make our Canada a prosperous, lawful country best place in the world to live once again. The Lefty/righty… Read more »


The left is the left no matter what country they live in. They hear or see no evil despite our Canada is slowly becoming a socialist third world country under the liberals. The left consists of the rich elite who scam society and the social recipients who live off of the working class.


Sounds like this is the right man for the job.


Of course we need to take Canada back… what’s wrong with you people? Don’t you realize that Trudeau gave this country away, little by little over the last 4+ years? Wake up people & cease your rhetoric OMG… fools!


What we need to do is Take Canada Back and regain our sovereignty and distance ourselves from the influence that the UN has over our naive, lefty-liberal government and rip up that disgusting UN Migration Pact ASAP!


The leftist minority is in for a rude shock when people show them what they think of their insane theories.