TAKE CANADA BACK: Erin O’Toole’s Leadership Campaign Is Off To A Strong Start

O’Toole is positioning himself as someone who will stand up for the Conservative base, and help the many millions of Canadians who have been betrayed and abandoned by Trudeau and the corrupt Liberal establishment elite.

Conservative leadership candidate Erin O’Toole is off to a strong start in his leadership bid.

His initial video appears to be resonating with many Conservatives, with people giving him a second look as a potential CPC leader.

O’Toole has taken a tough and resolute approach, emphasizing his military service, his focus on protecting Canada’s institutions and history, fighting the “radical left,” pushing back on “cancel culture,” and pledging to help Canadian Workers and those who served our country in uniform.

His message appears focused on appealing to the Conservative base and the silent majority of Canadians who are increasingly fed up with Canadian taxpayers being screwed over by the government, and are disturbed by Canada’s increasing sense of weakness both at home and abroad.

O’Toole has also triggered the leftists, who are going crazy over him saying “take Canada back.” Of course, with millions of Canadians saying our society is broken and believing the government only serves the powerful at the expense of the rest of us, O’Toole’s message of taking Canada back could find a large and receptive audience.

If O’Toole continues pushing this message, his chance of winning the CPP leadership race will rise dramatically.

You can watch O’Toole’s video below:

“Canada isn’t working. Too many people are out of work while politicians in Ottawa continue to raise taxes and waste money.

It’s time we start fighting and take Canada back.

Join the fight: http://erinotoole.ca


Spencer Fernando

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