Report: Top MacKay Ally Lobbied Trudeau Liberals On Behalf Of SNC-Lavalin

This will certainly raise serious concerns among Conservative voters.

A new report by Macleans reveals that a top Peter MacKay ally was involved in lobbying the Trudeau Liberals on behalf of SNC-Lavalin:

“The strategist who has been working for decades to make Peter MacKay the prime minister is one of the high-powered lobbyists who tried to convince the Trudeau government to help SNC-Lavalin avoid a criminal trial for bribing corrupt officials in Libya.

William Pristanski, a well-connected former senior aide to Brian Mulroney, is raising money and offering strategic advice on MacKay’s campaign to succeed Andrew Scheer as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.”

The report notes Pristanski had served as the executive assistant to Brian Mulroney.

Later, Pristanski registered as a lobbyist on behalf of SNC-Lavalin:

“In April 2017, Hartley registered to lobby on behalf of SNC-Lavalin with the federal lobbying commissioner, as required by law. A month later, Pristanski followed suit. Pristanski registered to push the government for “policy changes related to white collar crime,” specifically deferred prosecution agreements.

The two men were part of the successful lobbying blitz that SNC Lavalin undertook to convince the Trudeau government to write legislation that would create a path for companies to avoid criminal conviction for their crimes through deferred prosecution agreements, an alternative already in place in many other countries.”

As you read this you can already feel what could happen here:

Any high-ground the Conservatives have on ethics could be lost, and many will see the party as simply part of the same elitist system that shuts out regular Canadians, and does the bidding of a small out-of-touch elite.

SNC-Lavalin had the power to re-write the rules when they got in trouble, while the rest of us are told the law applies to us and can’t be changed. If the Conservatives are seen as being on the side of the elites instead of the People, they will lose again.

Spencer Fernando

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Peter McKay also worked with the Pretend Conservative Lieberal Mulroney who infiltrated and took down the “Progressive Conservatives” with all the shady deals, and then Mr Harper had to rebuild a Conservative party called the “Conservative Party of Canada” and now all the fake Lieberal run old Progressive Conservatives want back in control.
I had no one to vote for then, and would have no one to vote for again if McKay takes the lead again for this NEW Conservative Party of Canada.

Malcolm Dutchak

I do not trust or like mackay, I personally believe he fall into the same category of politician as trudeau

Gary major

So me believing mckay is a closet liberal is pretty close to the truth EH!


Throughout his political career MacKay has always shown poor judgement and his loyalties were always in question. He is just another Justin T., without the girly socks.


Lots of red flags on Peter MacKay and this is just Inappropriate Canada deserves better

Jill Ward

anyone who trusts mackay, is also a trudeau supporter!


Is ANYONE really surprised ? There’s not a REAL conservative left in the ‘Conservative’ party now.
First ‘ clue’ was calling themselves the ‘PROGRESSIVE Conservatives’….
ONLY solution for Canada IS to vote PPC and Maxime Bernier to get away from the leftist agenda in ALL the other parties now.

Shiela S

Never Bernier,, nevvverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. He couldnt win one seat,, including his own

Donald O'Kane

MacKay should be taken off of the candidates list

don morris

This is just the tip of the iceberg.McKay is eastern Establishment all the way,always has been,always will be. The guy used to date Paul Desmarais’ daughter, for heaven’s sake! McKay is an acceptable alternative to Trudeau in the eyes of the Laurentian Elite, IF they should tire of Trudeau’s clown show, but rest assured,while McKay WOULD be a better PM than Trudeau which could be said of almost every politician in Canada, don’t believe for a minute he is there for US, especially the West.