We Know That Andrew Scheer Said What The Vast Majority Of Canadians Are Thinking

His ‘reward’ for speaking the truth is to be called a ‘racist’ by the same pathetic fools who have brought our country to such a point of crisis.

Here’s the Andrew Scheer speech that is apparently so ‘controversial’:

“Standing between our country and prosperity is a small group of radical activists, many of whom have little to no connection to First Nations communities. A bunch of radical activists who won’t rest until our oil and gas industry is entirely shut down.” #cdnpoli


As you can see and hear in the video, Scheer didn’t say anything that was controversial.

Everything he said was simply basic Canadian common-sense.

The protesters generally don’t represent the Wet’suwet’en, since all the elected chiefs, a majority of the hereditary chiefs, and 85% of the community support the Coastal GasLink Project. So Scheer is 100% correct there.

And the activists are certainly ‘radicals,’ since there have been instances of infrastructure being sabotaged, not to mention the fact that the blockades are illegal, and the blockaders are ignoring court injunctions.

So, on the facts, Scheer is 100% correct.

And we both know that behind the scenes, away from the media manipulation, the vast majority of Canadians agree with what Andrew Scheer said.

The blockades are illegal, and the rule of law must be applied equally to all Canadians.

Scheer’s position is reasonable and balanced.

Meanwhile, it’s Justin Trudeau and the NDP who are totally out of step with Canadians, and the Liberal government are pushing an extremist position that allows a small group of radical extremists to silence the voices of Indigenous Canadians, and imperil our entire economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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There are no words to capture the incompetence of this Liberal Government and their abandonment of the economic future of this country.

Steve Richards



I disagree, the words you’re looking for is eastern electorate. They elected this imbecile.


How did this very unethical lieberal radical pretend government get elected in the first place let alone again? As any real Canadian that loves Canada and it is their real home knows Andrew Scheer had way more common sense in his baby finger than what was voted in and no Andrew Scheer is not perfect but he is for keeping Canada prosperous, law abiding and free, and not for a lawless radical impractical depressed post national state. Canada has only Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives left to keep it from going into a free fall and loosing everything. The Conservatives… Read more »