DOMESTIC TERRORISM: The Illegal Blockades Are Becoming Something Far More Dangerous

The rapid escalation in danger to the Canadian People is putting lives at risk, and is now terrorism against the nation.

There comes a point when a protest is no longer a protest.

When a protest violates court injunctions, when it risks vital national infrastructure, it becomes an illegal blockade.

And there are times when an illegal blockade becomes more than an illegal blockade.

When it starts to devolve into setting trains on fire, attempting to derail trains (which could cause explosions and hundreds of deaths), an illegal blockade becomes domestic terrorism.

Here are some examples:

“This is incredibly dangerous and idiotic.”

“DOMESTIC TERROR: It’s time to call a spade a spade. As violence spreads on the tracks, and professional protestors attempt to light trains on fire, a PM must act, or resign.

Today’s disgraceful actions were an act of domestic terror. Full stop.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Trudeau will never resign. Ever. – Will he act as a leader should is extremely unlikely since up to now he has not. – Shared.

Sandra Davenport



Proven now by the Conservatives- the lieberals hid the use of some of the tax dollars and where they were put to use. The lieberals gave a 1.3 million grant to a Soros organization to set up in Alberta then also supplied more tax money to them to cause problems in Canada. This is not a Canadian government they are proven traitors to Canada from an article in the Toronto Sun quoted from a Blacklocks? article.

Marjorie Bradley

The time for dialogue has LONG PAST and Trudope thinks they whould talk…what naievety and stupidity. He has not got their respect.