Woman Who Recently Traveled To China Taken Off Plane In Winnipeg With Possible Coronavirus

The woman’s symptoms match up with what authorities say is consistent with COVID-19 Coronavirus.

A middle-aged woman who recently traveled to China and then flew back to Canada was taken off a plane in Winnipeg, as she exhibited Coronavirus symptoms.

Disturbingly, when the woman was taken off the plane the medical professionals were all wearing masks. Yet, the passengers obviously weren’t wearing masks.

The passengers were then let off the plane, and have walked into Winnipeg.

So, if the woman had Coronavirus, and if the authorities were so careful as to wear masks, then it’s quite possible that the unmasked passengers could be potentially spreading it in Winnipeg.

As the Coronavirus spreads worldwide, many are increasingly angry at the incompetent ‘handling’ of this by the Trudeau government, who initially downplayed it and rejected containment measures, while it is now appearing to be too late.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab