The entire nation is on lockdown.

Amid the escalating Coronavirus Pandemic, all of Italy is now on lockdown, with a quarantine effectively imposed on the entire nation.

Italy’s PM has called it the “I STAY HOME DECREE,” saying people can only move around the country for the transport of essential goods, pressing needs, or health reasons.

All public gatherings are banned. Museums shuttered, Sporting events empty. No weddings. No funerals. No school.

“*BREAKING: Italy’s PM Conte just put ALL of ITALY UNDER the same LOCKDOWN rules as the north. He calls it the “I STAY HOME” decree. People can only move around for work reasons (transport of essential goods), for other pressing needs, or for health reasons. Effective tomoro a.m.”

“Conte: this is “for the good of the country.” “The right decision is to stay home.” “The future of Italy is in our hands.” “Everyone has to play his part.” Says it’s to prevent massive strain on the public health system bc the # of #COVID2019 cases & deaths has been rising fast.”

“The same restrictions previously imposed on parts of n. Italy now extend to the whole country. NO public gatherings, no weddings, funerals, school, museums, etc.”

The unprecedented measures are a warning for Canada and the world.

This is not “just the flu.”

This is a serious crisis, bringing nations and economies to their knees.

We must act decisively and lean towards overreacting, because the cost of underreacting could be dire.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube