WATCH: Trump Address From Oval Office On Coronavirus Crisis

The virus continues to spread around the world.

US President Donald Trump says the US will suspend all travel from Europe to the United States, a huge announcement as he addresses the US and the world amid the spreading Coronavirus.

The restriction will be in place for a month says Trump.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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JUST contrast the words of President Trump about protecting all Americans as much as he can from the
corona virus – INCLUDING blocking all incoming flights from Europe, now….
Meanwhile, up here in Canada ?!!!
The numb nuts, ‘nice hair’ guy, that calls himself our PM , Justin Truedumbforwords, is doing
NOTHING to stop incoming flights etc., or even trying to protect our border from illegals that are STILL flooding in, carrying God only knows what sorts of viruses, diseases, etc…….
I despise that bloody thoughtless, brainless,fool…..


Stop it from CHINA, IRAN AND ITALY also


STOP it all from CHINA, IRAN and Italy as well.

Lynne Westlund

And we Canadians are left twisting in the wind by a PM and his elite cabal who care nothing about our health…let the flights continue from Europe, Iran….wherever!