As The Liberal Government Abdicates Responsibility, Provinces Step Up To Fill The Void

Total dereliction of duty from the federal government.

The Liberal government has in large part abandoned the Canadian People at our time of greatest need.

With nations around the world locking down their borders and instituting tough measures like mandatory quarantines and total bans on travel, Canada is doing nothing.

The Liberal government is still allowing flights from all over the world, and the ‘enhanced screening’ was revealed to be a lie.

Amid this appalling dereliction of duty, provinces have been forced to step up into the void:

“I visited @FlyEIA Intl Arrivals to monitor #COVID19 screening measures.

I am very concerned about reports from travellers on inadequate federal screening protocols for international travellers.

I have directed provincial officials to deploy provincial resources to AB airports”

Other provinces, including Quebec and Nova Scotia, are also taking action:

“Alberta, Quebec and Nova Scotia are now all sending provincial officials to airports out of concern that CBSA agents are not telling people about the 14-day isolation period. Pretty massive abdication of federal responsibility. Other provinces should quickly follow suit”

Protecting our borders and protecting Canada’s airports is firmly within the purview of the federal government.

The fact that they are failing so badly that the provinces have to step up shows that the Liberals still aren’t taking the Coronavirus Crisis seriously, and are so weak that our country remains undefended against this growing threat.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter