The Conservatives Must Suspend Their Leadership Race & Focus On Unifying The Country In This Time Of Crisis

It is absolutely absurd to continue having a leadership race when the world has been turned upside down.

Our lives have been changed.

Whole sectors of the economy have collapsed.

We are being told to stay at home to forestall the spread of the China Coronavirus and stop our healthcare system from collapsing.

Yet, amid all of this, the Conservative Party of Canada is still going on with their leadership race.

Candidates can’t hold events. Their fundraising is drying up. Nobody wants to listen to candidates talk right now.

In short, this is the worst possible horrible time to have a leadership race.

Some have said the race should just be ended, with a quick vote between the top contenders (Erin O’Toole & Peter MacKay).

But that would be a terrible option as well, as it would be a betrayal of the other candidates who have met the requirements to be in the race so far.

So, the right thing for the party to do is to simply suspend the race, acting as if time has stopped. All fundraising targets, membership goals, and votes should be delayed until the crisis is over.

Right now, Canada needs the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Bloc, and Greens to stand together as one, unifying our country and getting our nation through this terrible time.

Andrew Scheer may not be charismatic, but he is intelligent and competent and is more than capable of leading the CPC during this crisis.

And of course, this doesn’t mean the Opposition can’t hold the government accountable. After all, if the Opposition is seen as supporting the government when the government deserves support, it will have more credibility when it makes constructive criticism.

What Canada needs is unity and strength, not a partisan leadership race.

If you agree, I encourage you to sign this petition from ElectConservatives calling for the race to be suspended:


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube