Federal Government Amends Order In Council, Loosening CCP Coronavirus Restrictions On Who Can Enter The Country

Parents, step-parents, guardians, and tutors of Canadian citizens and permanent residents can now still enter the country.

The Trudeau government is loosening restrictions on who can enter the country amid the spreading CCP Coronavirus.

The changes were made in an Order in Council, and will significantly expand the exceptions to the border ‘lockdown’:

“Order in Council 2020-0162 has been amended so that in addition to spouses, common-law partners and children of Canadian citizens and permanent residents their parents, step-parents, guardians and tutors can come too.”

This is a serious mistake.

Right now, Canada needs to be blocking new entry into the country, except for Canadian Citizens – who have the legal right to enter.

We cannot be dealing with more people entering Canada at a time when we are desperately trying to get the CCP Coronavirus pandemic under control.

Once again, the federal government appears to be putting ‘niceness’ and political correctness ahead of the ruthless but necessary measures that are needed to keep the Canadian People safe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube